Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul takes its place in UBMin International Fairs Calendar

Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul has participated in UBM's International Fairs Calendar: 14. Exposhipping The EXPOMARITT Istanbul Shipbuilding and Supply Industry Fair has taken its place in the international trade show calendar of the global marketing and communication services company 5, which organizes 20 fairs and similar events every year in the 5000 continent in the world's 400 continent. Exposhipping EXPOMARRIT Istanbul, which will be held at Pendik Green Park Convention Center between 21-24 March 2007, aims to host approximately 50 maritime professional from more than 10.000 countries with the contribution of the international experience of UBM, which organizes fairs in the shipping sector in almost every continent and developed countries of the world.
Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Istanbul Shipbuilding and Supply Industry Fair took place in the international trade show calendar of UBM, which organizes fairs in almost every continent and developed countries of the world. Turkey's only international maritime exhibition which Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Istanbul, the world's continents in more than 5 20 5000 working with countries to regulate trade fairs and similar events each year 400 global marketing and communications services to be performed by UBM company. IMEAK especially the Maritime Chamber of Commerce Turkish Maritime Education Foundation, Turkey Shipbuilders' Association of Istanbul and the Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, Black Sea Region of Ship Industrialists at the fair Association's support, UBM about 50 maritime professionals of the country more than 10.000 the contribution of international experience aimed at hosting.
Shipowning, ship management, brokerage, ship chartering, ship purchase-sale, shipyard operations, new ship building-maintenance-repair, container transport, logistics services, shipbuilding sub-industry companies and related banking, finance, insurance and educational institutions national and international Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Istanbul, which will bring together leading companies with leading companies, will showcase the latest technology products and services.
World maritime sector opens with UBM doors
Marintec South America, Offshore Marintec Russia, Seatrade Maritime Middle East, Seatrade Maritime Awards Middle East, Indian, Subcontinent & Africa, Marintec Indonesia, Seatrade Awards, Sea Asia, Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia, Seatrade are the most important fairs and events of the maritime industry worldwide UBM, the company that also realized Offshore Marine & Workboats Middle East and Marintec China; 14.Exposhipping EXPOMARITT plans to raise the bar for Istanbul, thanks to its deep experience and knowledge in marketing and sales of Seatrade and Marintec brands, which stand out in the sector in the sector.
14.Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Istanbul, 10.000 aims to welcome industry professionals
Exposhipping EXPOMARITT Istanbul, which continues to offer the opportunity to create new ground for new business partnerships and to follow the latest developments in the maritime trade services sector with its ever-expanding participant and visitor profile, represents more than 40 from 600 and more than 200. 50 seeks to host nearly 10.000 maritime professionals from more than XNUMX countries in total.
2015 13 43 200 627 in the country and 21 brand companies participated in the exhibition. In addition, the exhibition, which was attended by the XNUMX shipyard, provided significant network opportunities for participants and visitors with this record increase in the number of shipyards.
57 7 from all over the country attended by more than a thousand maritime professionals participated in the fair 8% 27 direct orders, while the 2017 said they want to place an order later. These figures, which show that the fair goes beyond a networking event and that the purchasing power of the fair visitors is also very high, is expected to increase at XNUMX.

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