Edirne, High Speed ​​Train Project turned eyes

Edirne turned eyes to the High Speed ​​Train Project: AK Party Edirne Provincial President İlyas Akmeşe said that the investments to meet the population potential that will be moved to Edirne thanks to the high speed train project should be activated immediately.
Edirne turned its eyes on the High Speed ​​Train Project, the infrastructure work of which was completed and aimed to end the tender process this year. İlyas Akmeşe, the President of the AK Party Edirne Province, also pointed out that the investments that will remove the population potential that Edirne will bring to the first place of the High Speed ​​Train Project, which Edirne says, will be important.
AK Party Edirne Provincial President İlyas Akmeşe emphasized that it is an extremely beneficial service for Edirne and that the project should be considered and evaluated not only from Istanbul Edirne but from Edirne to Kars. Akmeşe said that the investments that will meet the population potential to be moved to Edirne should be put into operation urgently thanks to the project, which the state calls large investment. Akmeşe said:
“As for the High Speed ​​Train project, as it is known, when our Prime Minister was the Minister of Transport, he made a statement about this project. Infrastructure works have been completed and the tender process will be finished this year. If he is tendered, Edirne will have added value. You shouldn't just look at it as high-speed train. This project will really add value to our city. A useful service for Edirne in every respect. I think it will be completed as soon as possible after the tender is finished within this year. Don't just think Istanbul- Edirne. This project is from Edirne to Kars. This is a huge investment of our state. Investments that will remove the population potential of the High Speed ​​Train Project to Edirne are also important. Local governments also have a great job in this regard. Our municipality must calculate the future of the high-speed train and make investments accordingly. Only the high-speed train arriving in Edirne does not bring anything to Edirne. Let the high speed train come to Edirne, but those who come here should see something here. Its infrastructure must be ready.
Edirne-Istanbul 45 minutes and will likely be Edirne attraction. We are already in a good way in tourism. There is no other area where we can earn another income from tourism and agriculture. Sanayi Edirne does not appear much at the moment. There is not much industrial investment, but we should see the benefits of tourism. This will happen with local administrations. Mr. Mayor Recep Gürkan, after finishing the infrastructure works, will come to the top after that, make Edirne a little better, and make services. Whatever comes to us is Edirne, and we are ready to assist the president in every matter. We have always confirmed this, I declare once again that we are ready.

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