Kartal Pendik Tavsantepe Metro Line Opened

boiling cauliflower salt subway
boiling cauliflower salt subway

Kartal-Pendik-Tavsantepe metro line opened: in Istanbul Kadıköy-The flights started at 06.00:XNUMX on the Kartal-Pendik-Tavsantepe line, which is the continuation of the Kartal metro line.

The 2019-kilometer Kartal-Pendik-Tavsantepe line built within the scope of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's “More than 400 Kilometers of Metro Network” target was put into service at 4,5.

The tender consists of 6 stations, the double-line metro, Yakacık (Adnan Kahveci), Pendik and Kaynarca (Tavsantepe), which were held on March 2013, 3. There are escalators with escalators and elevators for the disabled in all stations of the metro line. All stations on the D-100 Highway route include entrances and exits on the north and south sides and underpasses between them.

With the launch of the Kartal-Pendik-Tavsantepe metro line Kadıköy The length of the line between Tavsantepe reached 26,2 kilometers and the number of stations reached 19. Kadıköy The journey time between Tavsantepe will be 38,5 minutes.

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