Details of Adapazarı - Karasu Railway project started to emerge

Details of the Adapazarı - Karasu Railway Project began to emerge: Adapazarı-Karasu Port-Eregli-Bartin Connection Details of the dream project that will link the Western Black Sea, the Marmara and Central Anatolia regions began to emerge.
Details of the railway project planned between Adapazarı and Bartın began to emerge. Adapazarı-Karasu Railway, which is designed for both cargo and passenger transportation purposes, ensures that the district is a center of attraction for global investors. The details of the project, which is planned to cost 1 billion 139 thousand pounds of total 200 billion, have begun to come into light. It was stated that there was no level crossing on the route of the project and on the road platform and the train speed was calculated as 120 km / h.
Ki Distance to Karasu Station 55 mileage “
A total of 4 million 519 cubic meters and a total of 632 million 94 thousand 157 cubic meters of soil material were excavated along the Adapazarı-Karasu line. The distance between Adapazarı and Karasu to Karasu Station is projected as 860 kilometers, and between Karasu and Bartin is calculated as 55 kilometers. The railway route, which starts at the 195 meter of the Sakarya River just south of the Adapazarı city center, will face the first viaduct at this point. The Adapazari-Karasu Railway Line, which will pass the Sakarya River with 500 meter length viaduct from the 15 of the route, will pass 162 kilometers from the river to the west side of the river and pass the river with the viaduct for the second time on the 10 kilometer.
”Karasu station thousand 740 meters“
The train line will arrive at Karasu Train Station at the 55 kilometer end by following the parallel of the old beds of Sakarya River. According to the total economic life project, the route which is calculated as 50 year, takes place in the project where Adapazarı - Kocaali, Adapazarı, Ferizli, Yuvalıdere (Durak-1), Karasu and Kocaali Train Stations will be crossed by five stations. Class will be built as specified. The total length of the Ferizli Station will be one thousand 3 meters, one thousand 700 meters of the Yuvalıdere Station, one thousand 200 meters of Karasu Station and one thousand meters of Kocaali Train Station. The trains and trains to be brought from abroad and the 740 kilometer were taken by using the imported rails that will be brought from abroad in the Adapazarı-Karasu Railway Project road route. Within the project, there are eight more stations, namely Akçakoca, Alaplı, Durak 2, Durak 299, Çaycuma, Durak 1 and Bartın Station.
Ük Railway project has 17 viaduct “
In the Adapazarı-Karasu Railway Project, viaducts will be built on the Sakarya-1, Sakarya-2, Karasu, Büyük Melen, Çayağzı, Kocamandere, Soğukkovan, Alaplı Creek, Yazıcılar Creek and Filyos Creek. In the continuation of the project, Gülüç-1, Gülüç-2, Gülüç-3, Bartın Çayı-1, as well as the ships, Bartın Çayı-2 and Bartın Çayı-3, as well as four of the viaducts of Kocamandere-Filyos Stream and Bartin-3 Viaduct There is a tunnel between Bartin and Amasra. Ferizli and Karasu stations located between Adapazarı and Karasu, Kocaali, Akçakoca, Alaplı, Çaycuma and Bartın stations located between Karasu and Bartin, 3. will be class. While the warehouses are constructed in the station classes of the 2.client stations, there is no warehouse in the 3. Karasu Station will be 3 thousand 70 square meters, Yuvalıdere (Durak-760), Ferizli, Kocaali Station will be added to the project with the total area of ​​1 thousand square meters.

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