Kocaeli Metropolitan Council no one in the barricades

In Kocaeli Metropolitan Council, no one has ever made a call to the barbarians: The session of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assembly was held in Şefik Postalcıoğlu Hall today. Deputy Mayor Zekeriya Özak was chaired by the Mayor of Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who was inaugurated at the opening of the park in Niğde on behalf of Ömer Halisdemir. Before the session of the Assembly, the opening screen in Niğde was broadcast live for a while. The main agenda item of the 15 was passed after the resolution of the opposition was added.
MHP Provincial Chairman Aydın Ünlü'nın followed by the name of Yahya Captain in a parliament given to the bridge came up in the event. Dr. Izmit Mayor Dr. Nevzat Doğan's microphone was extended and Dogan said that he believed the hero of the Kuvay-i Milliye hero Yahya Kaptan to live up to the name of Izmit Municipality and that he would take steps in this regard. Speaking on the issue, the General Secretary of the Tahir Büyükakın stated that one of the two bridges to be built could be given the name Yahya Kaptan and this issue was put on the agenda to be sent to the commission.
The CHP responds to the question about the garbage factory Büyükakın, this facility will be made for the forest storage area without any expropriation from the Forestry Directorate will be asked also Istanbul University, Kocaeli University and Gebze Technical University with the participation of officials said that the scientific work has been done. Büyükakın said that the daily burning capacity of the landfill facility is around 2 thousand tons, the daily waste capacity of Kocaeli is around one thousand 700 tons, and that this capacity is determined by taking into account the increasing population. not taking the garbage is out of the question, çöp he said.
Büyükakın responded to the opposition demanding information about the stage of the investigation initiated by Kent Konut to give discounted housing to some members of AKP. Mr. Büyükakın stated that this issue was examined by the Court of Accounts and the judiciary. Upon the allegations that the MHP will extend an arm from Arasta Park to Köseköy on the tram route, Büyükakın explained that such a situation was not in question.
And the CHP raised the issue of barbarists, who were verbally destroyed in the parliament due to the tram project and whose problems were not addressed. CHP Group Deputy Chairman Erhan Uysal, asked the Municipality of Izmit Municipality, the application was forwarded to the Metropolitan Municipality asked whether or not. Zekeriya Özak stated that such an application was not communicated to them and the member of the CHP, Dilek Tan, appealed, ini Gökmen Mengüç has a statement on this issue Z. Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç replied: gelen We have no statements coming to us Genel. Zekeriya Özak said, değil This is not a matter of concern to our council, it concerns the Municipality of Izmit. Let's move to our agenda. Gün
The name of ŞEHİT GÖKBAYRAK will live
Article 117 in the proposals section of the Assembly was about the naming of Martyr Polis Serdar Gökbayrak on the overpass, located at the entrance level of KOÜ B gate on İzmit Kabaoğlu Mahallesi Baki Komsuoğlu Boulevard. This offer was also accepted. Serdar Gökbayrak served in the most crucial point in preventing the coup on the night of July 15 and was one of the names that prevented the occupation of the country by FETOists. The assembly meeting ended after this article. The next assembly was decided to meet on Thursday, November 17 at 15.00:XNUMX.
Until the end of the Assembly meeting, the Mayor of Izmit. Nevzat Dogan again waiting for the carers did not care. Dogan, barricades after seeing his car pulled up near the entrance to the building and guards around him with the guards, "Mayor talk to us," he went into his car and ignored. In this assembly meeting, you will understand that no one has hijacked the barbarians who were victims of the tram project.



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