Bursa became a brand in rail systems

Bursa has become a brand in rail systems: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Consultant Mechanical Engineer Taha Aydın stated that as a result of the vision put forward by Bursa, Bursa produced the first vehicle Silkworm tram, which is 100% owned by Turks, and said, “The vehicles we bought for 3 million 200 thousand euros, thus 1 million It dropped to 600 euro. Our industry, our rail system studies have improved, we have provided added value to our country ”.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Consultant Mechanical Engineer Taha Aydın spoke at the session of 'Urban Transformation and Smart Cities Congress' organized by Sabah Newspaper at Atatürk Congress Culture Center (Merinos AKKM). Taha Aydın, who gave information about the rail system vision and projects of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, said that the silkworm tram was built as a vision project with the promise of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe to the people of Bursa after the local elections. Bursa is Turkey's first tram using the engineering and production of industrial infrastructure reminding Aydin, "we received 3 million 200 thousand euros vehicles, thus fell to 1 600 million euros. When we travel around Europe, we say, 'You can hardly develop a model in 4-5 years. It is a difficult technology, 'they said. Tramway is the hardest rail technology to come after fast train. Due to the need, we started our work from there. We developed 6 models in 4 years by guiding one of our industrialists. So we've given our country and gave direction to Turkey. Even if we did nothing, we kept 420 million TL in our city. We have prevented this much money from coming out. In addition, our industry, our rail system studies have improved, we have added value to our country. There is currently a 1.7 trion dollar international rail system market in the world. We need to be local for this, ”he said.
"The first vehicle on land with a 100 percent Turkish license"
Expressing that the weight of a tram adds 55 euros, a two-person plane provides 250 euros, and Beoing-scale planes add 1 million euros, Aydın stated that they are planning to establish a High Technology Industrial Zone in Bursa by considering all these. Stating that the design, software and all engineering studies of the silkworm tram are local, Taha Aydın said, “This vehicle, which we have created with our vision, is the first vehicle to walk on land with a 100% Turkish license. It is a tool that has been tested by engineering firms abroad. A large European company entered a tender in Germany with the model of our local tram. In other words, it shows that the vehicle is in German standards and can be used in European cities. We are talking about a Bursa that has achieved this ”.
Taha Aydın said that transportation should be considered as a priority while planning the cities. He reminded that construction companies now offer their proximity to rail systems as an advantage.
Explaining that 83 percent of the people in Bursa showed transportation as the biggest problem in the surveys, Aydın stated that when the transportation problem is solved, rubber wheeled transportation cannot be a solution anymore and rail systems should be built. Emphasizing that electric transportation pays for itself 6 times more than tire transportation, Aydın said, “When we look at Europe, the subways are old but they are walking. We have attempted to buy a second-hand vehicle and correct our shortcomings. Some segments reacted to us. It is important that these vehicles are walking. Now we are renewing these second hand vehicles. We do this at second hand price but in the most modern and technological way. We are talking about Bursa, which produces high value added products. "If you make a 55 percent local car, you create 68 percent added value."
Reminding that they have started T2 rail system works on the Istanbul road, Aydın stated that a more modern appearance will emerge when entering Bursa from Istanbul. Responding to the criticisms of 'Why not metro', Aydın said, “We do not choose this according to our minds when we choose. These need to be planned and designed. We are the international company Dr. We worked with Brenner. They informed us that the tram on the way to Istanbul would be enough. When you take it underground, the cost increases by 1 to 12 times. If your transport does not prevent the movement of people or vehicles at crossroads, trams are preferred.

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