Train Feature to Apple Maps Application Arrived

Train Feature to Apple Maps Application Arrived: In recent years, lost the importance of railway transportation did not run away from Apple's attention. Apple has added a feature that shows train lines to the maps app!
With the development of aviation in recent years, the transportation of the railway which has fallen into the background is less preferred than before. However, especially in Europe and the United States, which is common in the application of young people to visit and see the new railroads prefer. Apple companies, which realize this, the application of maps Amtrak railway operator of a company showing the routes of the company added. So now those who want to travel by rail will be able to instantly see the routes from iPhone brand phones or iPad tablets!
Apple Maps Updated!
The routes of Train Amtrak, a company founded and financed with the support of the US government, can now be used on Maps, the iOS application. Amtrak, which connects more than 500 locations in North America, is a highly preferred railway company by travelers. It is thought that Apple's agreement with only Amtrak for now will spread over time to all train lines in America and then to all regions around the world. So those who loved to travel by train lived! Thanks to this feature that Apple has added to the Maps application, the question of which train I will get on at what time will be history!



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