Midibuses and minibuses in Antalya join in history

Midibuses and minibuses in Antalya are blended into history: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center UKOME decided to convert the minibuses with M-plate to the 7 meters.
With this decision, those who do not want to turn into a bus will apply to UKOME until October 14. Those who do not apply until this date will be converted into minibuses with M plate and run in remote village lines.
After the transformation, only one type of private public buses and municipal buses will operate in Antalya.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality on the subject description:
As Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, we keep our promises to our people.
In our city, midibuses are becoming a thing of the past for the public transportation services to be offered to our people in a more contemporary, comfortable and safe system. Transportation in our city is now completely large and will be made with one type of buses. Low-floor, suitable for people with disabilities, air-conditioned busses can reach wherever comfortable. There will be no waiting at the stops.
Transport Coordination Center According to the new decision of UKOME; Small minibuses working with the EU and ATT plate group and the small minibuses running away from the two neighborhoods will be able to get a common bus and transport to the city by 12 meter buses.
Thus, both our people will be comfortable and all the vehicles on the lines will be rotated and will earn equal income from the common pool.
With this application, vehicle difference and income injustice will be eliminated, unrest in the trades, inequality will interfere in history.
Because of the inequality of the line and income, the competition of the tradesmen, stops and roads will be eliminated in the traffic will also relax. The traffic problem caused by public transport vehicles will become history.
According to the decision of UKOME, our tradesman 14 will make a decision until October 2016 and apply to the Metropolitan Municipality with a petition. Those who want to transform will get their new tools and be included in the system. With our tradesmen who do not want to be transformed, our tradesmen who do not petition until October by 14 will turn into 14 minibuses with M-plate. However, our tradesmen will not be able to work in the urban transportation system. They will work on the lines of remote neighborhoods to be created in the future. The center will only be transported by 12 meters. Now it's our decision-making.
The first condition of providing better quality service to our people in public transportation is to provide transportation of our people with high comfortable vehicles. Later, improvements should be made on many issues such as creating the correct lines, adapting the working hours of the vehicles and going to each station. The new system will provide them.
Many solution proposals are presented to our tradesmen at this stage. For example, it is proposed to create a pool of income and get everyone from the pool (depending on the capacity of the vehicle), each group should work in its own and in its own lines, and finally all the vehicles should be converted into a single type of 9 meter, but unfortunately there are different groups within the trades room. The Room of the Chamber of Busiers did not accept any of these suggestions.
The issue has been examined with the authorities of our municipality as well as our transport tradesmen and opinion leaders, and it is concluded that the existing 7 meter vehicles should be combined as before and converted into 12 meters. Accordingly, two 7 meter car owners will be able to get one 12 meter bus and join the system. In addition, the new system has been brought to the plate.
Thus, first of all, the service quality will be increased in public transportation by means of larger, more comfortable and modern 12 meter vehicles and our people will be comfortable. In addition, the total number of vehicles will decrease to the level of 500s and the traffic load will decrease. In this case, all vehicles will become equal and a joint income pool will be established. In addition, each vehicle will be provided with rotation on every line. Thus, the tradesmen will have equal conditions in every sense and a fair environment will be created that will eliminate competition.
Of course, no one will be forced. Our tradesmen who do not want to buy 12 meters by means of merger will have the right to buy the old acquired M plate and minibus; however, they will not be able to work on urban lines. It can be evaluated in the distant lines that will be opened for the neighborhoods that turn into villages.

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