Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station opened (Photo Gallery)

Ankara High Speed ​​Rail Station opened: Turkey and Europe's most prestigious Ankara High Speed ​​Rail Station construction work has been completed and go into operation with the President and Prime Minister Erdogan Yildirim's participation. President Erdoğan responded to the slogan of “We want to be executed” at the opening of the Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station: Close… Close .. ”
Turkey and Europe's most prestigious works of the Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Station construction was completed and the President and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated with the participation of Binali Yildirim.
Europe and the opening of Turkey's most prestigious station of President Erdogan, Parliament Speaker and Prime Minister Ismail Kahraman Binali Yildirim as well as Transport and Maritime Affairs Ahmet Arslan citizens with many ministers and deputies joined.
In his speech at the opening ceremony, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the following:
“It never suits us to bend. We bow down only in the presence of our Lord. The company, which was established under the name Ankara Train Station Management for 19 years and 7 months, will operate this building and then deliver it to the state. Launched with an investment of approximately 235 million dollars, Ankara's YHT position is strengthened. I wish Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station to be beneficial to our nation.
The prime minister just forgot something while talking. He traveled all over Rize and did not stop. What if the world's most developed countries in Turkey will be at least one of them. After that, the black train will never be delayed. Because it is replaced by high-speed trains.
Hopefully we will open the Eurasia Tunnel from now on. Why are they jealous because of this? We say that you can work and run. Why are they messing with my country. With the tax given by my citizen, lows and bloodlesss emerge.
Why are there low bloodless people in my country that will attempt the July 15 coup attempt? They're bloodless. (on 'we want to be executed' slogans) Close ... Hopefully close ... I believe so soon this issue comes to the parliament, and if it passes, I approve it.
There are two important projects ahead of us. There is one of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Canal Istanbul, which is a completely different project. He will also connect the Black Sea to Marmaray. Channel Istanbul, Turkey will be the largest project in the Republic tarihinn. We have a problem. We are in trouble. We have love for this nation, this country. Donkey dies, saddle, man dies. Here we want to be remembered with these works. What will you die, you will go. We came from the ground. We will go to the ground. Every soul will taste the death. We came from there, we go there. The point is to get ready there. How we prepare is important how we prepare. no one can prevent power from reaching their targets in Turkey.
Why are they bothered to say "Lausanne"? There are islands at the bottom of our noses. We have mosques on these islands. Who is responsible for giving these islands is responsible.
Now we live in these limits. Someone has eyes in this land. What does the soldier struggle in Gabar in Tendürek? It gives the struggle of this land.
The point is to get ready there. Turkey no power to prevent them from reaching their goals. We are committed. With you. You'll walk, folks will walk, then. Our war of independence, the Battle of Çanakkale, there are countless struggles. These are all the struggle of our nation. Our Republic, which we celebrate its 93rd anniversary today, is the name of the road after the Independence War. The Republic of Turkey is not our first to our last state. Our state, which we agreed to under the conditions of 100 years ago, is a very important achievement. I say Misak-ı Milli. Gazi MustafaKemal had drawn. It disturbed someone. Look at it. I said Lausanne they were uncomfortable. Why are you uncomfortable? These islands were ours. We have works, we have mosques. Why are you bothered? Responsible for whoever signed.
Come to the last 10 years, we lost 2,5 million square kilometers. If they were left. We would have 3,5 - 4 million square kilometers of land. We live in this land. Someone has eyes around here. Wasn't that the PKK's account? What is my Mehmet currently struggling with? This struggles to protect the homeland. We are what we are. We call it one nation, homeland, flag state. We are one nation with 80 million.
Our flag is the blood of our martyr, our star is our martyr itself, our crescent independence. It became a homeland because there were those who died for the sake of these lands. There is no separatism here. No other state of the Republic of Turkey. What was that parallel state? FETO come on, why can't you come, why are you afraid? O base is worship, middle is trade, ceiling is betrayal. I call out to those who remain at that base. You did it one way or another. If you continue to stay there, you will strike and crash against Hakkı's wall. We entered the separatist terrorist organization lair and continue. We continue to enter FETÖ. Nobody should get up and do victim literature. These are not victims. My martyr is 246 martyrs. We have 2194 gas. Their relatives are victims. Aren't they what they did that night? Those who are martyrs in the East in the Southeast are our relatives.
Do we have problems in Iraq or Syria? We will solve it. We will descend to the top of the terrorist organizations like a sledgehammer. Doesn't the EU keep its promise to us! We will take care of our own business! Are they trying to weaken us in the economy? We will implement new measures immediately. No more old Turkey! We saw with the attack of July 15 that there will be no missing people trip. So, we will not fight this struggle left and right, but walk to our goals. If we are going to win, we will die like a man. May my Lord give us this struggle worthy of our martyrs and veterans! ”
Prime Minister Yıldırım also said:
“Here is the train station of Ankara. Mr. President it just began to Ankara that Turkey is not the capital of Ankara High Speed ​​Train network. From Ankara to Eskisehir, Konya, Izmir, Manisa, Usak future Erzincan, Sivas, Yozgat in Mersin, Konya, Karaman Antep short, which accounts for 55 percent of Turkey's population of 14 high-speed train network to our vilayetimizde we knit like lace. Serving this nation is worship. Today one of the countries that Turkey is the world's largest projects. Mr. President, you have a principle. The way to overcome the global crisis is to realize big projects. Turkey 50 years that the agenda of a major project to spend a life.
When we hit the road, our President said to us that we will serve the nation by putting a piece of stone on the word. Thank you we did so. Ankara, Istanbul, Konya… We have combined the three capitals of this Ottoman Empire with high-speed train lines. When we opened the first high speed train station, 28 million of our citizens traveled. Now, this modern Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station has become this with the state model.
Fewer people started to use the highway. 66 percent of our citizens started to use the Ankara Konya high speed train line. Good luck. 150 thousand people will pass from here every day. It will become the living center of Ankara. It will not only be a station, it will be a place where people with life day and night meet and meet their needs. It will continue to rise in other provinces. Dear Mr. President, I hope that this work will be beneficial to our nation. I wish it good luck to our country. ”
Ankara YHT Railway, which was constructed by TCDD for the first time with Build-Operate-Transfer model and transferred to TCDD after 19 year 7 month, was planned to be connected to Ankaray, Başkentray and Keçiören subways. There are 50 pieces per unit, 3 pieces railway line and 6 bin 194 meter closed area and 460 floor including basement and ground floors. In addition to the units for transportation services, there are a total of one thousand 8 vehicles, one thousand 850 closed and one 60 open parking lot. there are also social and cultural facilities.

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