Public Transport Call from Altepepe to Bursa residents

Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe
Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that the Metropolitan Municipality has taken pioneering steps in the rail system with the investments made with the goal of "An accessible Bursa". Mayor Altepe said that citizens can travel between Kestel and Görükle for 32 km with a cost of 225 kurus.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities with the aim of making Bursa an accessible and healthy quality city. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe explained that they took the most important steps in urban transportation and made observations at Bursa Ray Görükle Station. Mayor Altepe, who traveled with citizens in BursaRay, kept the pulse of the people.

President Altepe mentioned that comfort is provided by the works carried out in urban transportation in Bursa, and that they make efforts to support the public transportation in order to make the citizens more comfortable in their daily life programs.

Rail system is the definitive solution

Mayor Altepe reminded that more than 3's investments are used in urban transportation at 2, Alt We see that the definitive solution is the rail system when we examine the examples and road applications especially in urban transportation. It is important to expand the metro, tram and especially the uninterrupted transportation lines to the whole city and to provide transportation with these vehicles. The rate of public transportation is also considered as an indicator of the city's development rate. In this context, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality as we are at the beginning of the most active institutions in Turkey. With the studies carried out, the rail system was fully expanded to Bursa. In the last few years, during our period, BursaRay was delivered to Kestel in the east, Görükle in the west and Emek in the north. At the moment, the works on Istanbul Street, which we call Yalova Road, are continuing rapidly hızla.

Mayor Altepe stated that one-way 60 km and two-way 120 km rail system lines were created with these efforts and said, Bursa Bursa is the city where the highest metro line per capita is the highest. The city center is now accessible by rail from all over the city. Previously experienced troubles, transportation is provided in a single line easily. Ulaşım

Yolculuk Journey from Kestel to Görükle 225 penny ”

President Altepe, to go to Görükle for a citizen who set off from Kestel before, first to the Doğu Garage, then to the Old Garage, then to Küçük Sanayi with the rail system and to Görükle with a vehicle, only 3 - 4 separate transfers, 6,5 - He reminded that he arrived at a cost of 7 TL. Mayor Altepe stated that today, it is possible to travel from Kestel to Görükle with a single vehicle, passing near the city's bazaar, and said, “Our citizens now cover a distance of 32 km with a single vehicle and can travel between Kestel and Görükle for 225 kurus. Both in the world and in our country, such an affordable price is not available anywhere else, we have carried it with the most affordable price. While doing this transportation, we attach importance to increasing the quality. All of our wagons have been renewed and all wagons have been air conditioned. All our vehicles are air-conditioned and well-maintained vehicles, with applications that are not even in Europe. "It is a quality journey with vehicles that are always maintained, repaired and cleaned."

Citizens call for public transport

Mayor Altepe, also called on the citizens,, Our citizens expect, not to use their own vehicles… Especially Görükle, Kestel-Gürsu, Emek, Ataevler, Ihsaniye, Arabayatağı to use the rail system when coming to the city center, they do not cause unnecessary traffic congestion in the city, they do not pay more price on this issue and they are evaluating this service delivered to them through investments of quadrillion pounds. ”

Mayor Altepe pointed out that the quality of service increases day by day. X 5 in Bursa There were 48 wagons in BursaRay years ago, now we are heading towards 160 with the latest wagons. Now we increase the number of flights and the frequency of flights. As long as our citizens do not prefer other means of transportation. Let these investments be used on-site, not to lose time in traffic, not to suffer stress ”.

Emphasizing the importance of the use of public transportation, Mayor Altepe added that the highest quality services were made to Bursa, and that the work would continue with investments in the Istanbul Metro (Yalova Road), the underground metro to Yıldırım and the Dikirdırım district in Çekirge. Mayor Altepe suggested that citizens should prefer public transportation instead of service vehicles and their own private vehicles and benefit from public transportation, especially in BursaRay during times other than 07.30 - 09.00 and 17.30 - 19.30 hours, which are experienced during the day.

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