Akçaabatta ropeway project begins

Akçaabatta cable car project begins: The cable car project to be built in Akçaabat was put on the table.

The preliminary work of the cable car project to be established by Akçaabat Municipality was completed. On the project, Akçaabat Mayor Şefik Türkmen came together with the project officials and exchanged ideas.

Akçaabat Mayor Sefik Turkmen made a statement on the subject related to the project, which will contribute to Akçaabat tourism said they had realized the preliminary interview of the project. President Türkmen yapıl A work on the land was made for the cable car. As a result of the study, ideas such as station locations and places of stay were discussed. Yap

We are planning to use the project as a olm Teleferik Türkmen, which stated that the approximate cost of the cable car project, which is expected to be 75 million pounds, is planned with build-operate transfer model. The approximate cost is 75 million pounds. We are discussing the planning of the cable car to see the Environment from the air. The project that will pass through the top should not disturb the natural environment. We care about this. We believe that the cable car which is still in the project phase will make a significant contribution to Akçaabat tourism. Henüz

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