Another project of YOLDER received EU support ... Rail Welders to be certified

I took a project more EU support for the Yoldere ... Ray welders to be certified: Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Assistance and Solidarity Association (on the road) As part Supporting Lifelong Learning in Turkey-II Grant Program, which makes the application "Ray Welders are Sertifikalanıy" has a vocational training project in 1200 It was found worth supporting by the European Commission, leaving more than 114 applications behind. With the “Railway Welders Certification” Project, which is the only application that receives grant support in the railway sector, it is aimed to train the rail welders, which are of great importance in terms of security in the field of railway infrastructure, in accordance with their professional competencies and to be certified by authorized certification institutions. YOLDER, who previously received grant support from the EU with the e-RAIL vocational training project under the Erasmus + Program, will receive 420 Euro grant support for the second vocational training project.
Developing Human Resources Program Authority Ministry of Labor and Social Security Department of the European Union and the Financial Aid Office carried out by the Department of "Life in Turkey Supporting Learning II Grant Program" under the contract of grant support is awarded a project on the road is Chairman Ozden Polat and Board Member It was signed with a ceremony attended by Ferhat Demirci.
Within the scope of the project, preparation of training programs appropriate to vocational qualifications for Alimunothermite Ray Welders, organizing pilot courses and certification of the participants by authorized certification body will be carried out. that grant application to the call for proposals during the entire project in Turkey while on the 1200, 37 just awarded a project grant support. Following the e-RAIL project supported by Erasmus + Program, we have left behind many applications and our second project for the vocational training of railway construction and maintenance personnel has been granted with grant support from the EU. We would like to thank our members who have contributed to this success and the employees of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the European Union and Financial Aid Department, the Human Resources Development Program, who received all kinds of support during the application process. Bu
Polat emphasized that education and certification processes have gained great importance especially with the expansion of the free railway market and the increase in the number of new labor force in the sector. Approximately 95 of employees are non-certified. Given the increasing number of service providers for rail infrastructure constructions in our country and Europe and the importance of the profession, it is clear that the need for qualified welded and documented rail welders is highly needed. Our project aims to improve the qualifications of unemployed adults, to increase their qualifications, to certify and to support lifelong learning processes with the non-certified ray welders. Employment of certified unemployed adults is among the aims of our project. Sert
In the project that brings together three institutions that produce services at the civil society organization, university and public level in the field of rail systems, YOLDER will assume the role of coordinator and prepare the training modules with the Refahiye Vocational High School of Erzincan University. The TCDD Ankara Training Center Directorate, which participates as an associate in the project, will provide expert and ground support for courses and workshops. The project to be realized with the EU grant fund will last for a year. Alimunothermite Rail Welder training modules which are compatible with National Vocational Qualification will be prepared and submitted to the approval of the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Support for Lifelong Learning. After the approval process, the 60 participant will be trained. Those who successfully complete the course will take the exam from the certification center authorized by the Vocational Qualifications Authority. Employment work will be carried out for unemployed adults who have successfully passed the exam and who are eligible for certification.

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