3. Airport budget breaks world record

  1. The budget of the airport broke the world record: Prime Minister Binali Yildirim's inal The biggest airport in the world, the new Istanbul airport “i The budget of the giant project is a precedent for the world countries.

From some European countries to the Gulf emirates, from Africa to the Pacific, the annual income of these countries is not enough to make the third airport. Those countries with an annual income of less than 11.3 billion dollars:
Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, jen The world's largest airport, the new Istanbul airport, Do you know how much this project works? 35 billion. Let me tell you what the 35 billion means. The world is bigger than the budget of many big and small countries. From where to where. 70 who need cents, Turkey launched a cash register from the prime minister, who alone 35 billion investment, saving the world's largest airport in Istanbul, we came to a Turkey, "he said. 35 billion, the current exchange rate 11.3 billion dollars. And what are some countries? Here are a few examples İşte
Dominican Republic
Sri Lanka
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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