3. Airport budget breaks world record

  1. The budget of the airport broke a world record: The budget of the giant project, which Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım called "The world's largest airport, the new Istanbul airport ..." set a precedent for world countries ..

The annual income of these countries, from some European countries to the Gulf emirates, from Africa to the Pacific, is not enough to construct the third airport. Here are those countries with an annual income of less than $ 11.3 billion:
Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said, “The world's largest airport, the new Istanbul airport… Do you know how much this project is worth? 35 billion. Let me tell you what 35 billion means. It is larger than the budgets of many large and small countries in the world. From where to where. From Turkey, which is in need of 70 cents and whose cash register was thrown into the prime minister's office, the world's largest airport, which has invested 35 billion dollars on its own, is in Istanbul. kazanWe have come to a Turkey that is oppressive," he said. 35 billion TL is worth 11.3 billion dollars at today's exchange rate. So what are some of those countries? Here are a few examples for you…
Dominican Republic
Sri Lanka
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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