Karaosmanoglu will test the tram in March

Karaosmanoglu, in March we will test the tram tram: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu talk about the tram project, AKP Kocaeli Deputy Zeki Aygun and Izmit Mayor Nevzat Dogan has lied. Karaosmanoglu said he would test the tram in March.
Kocaeki Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu 92 of AKP's Antikkapı Restaurant. He spoke at the Provincial Advisory Council. Karaosmanoğlu talked about the tram that brought the discussions with him since the beginning of the project. Speaking at the meeting of the Izmit City Council in September, the Mayor of Izmit, Nevzat Doğan said that the Tramway Project is certain that the project will not end on the specified date. In the meeting where the AKP's Kocaeli deputy Zeki Aygun met with press members last week, he stated that there might be a delay in the history of the tram project and that the project had progressed heavily due to infrastructure work and traffic problems.
We will do the test drive in March
Although Karaosmanoğlu has explained so much, it is very hopeful or reflects to the citizens that the tram project will end on the specified date. 125 days are left for the project to end on the specified date, while studies continue at many points of the city. Mayor Karaosmanoglu made a statement about the subject of the Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan and the deputy Zeki Aygun was a lie. Here is Karaosmanoğlu'nun description: “The tram run until the end of the year. In March of April we will begin test drives. Line can be extended according to municipal budget. In 2020, our population will be 2 Millions. That's a big city. We have the most intensive industry. Roads are important. This is a city of immigration problems. We do daily work to solve many issues. We're good with the people. We need to use the subway now. We made our subway tender in Gebze. Our goal is to hit the dig in the middle of 2018. We have the capacity to do this. We also have to do our underground rail system to Izmit. What has been done today should have been done at least 20-30 years ago. Bugün
Karaosmanoğlu also said about the garbage factory which is the subject of the discussion in Kocaeli: olan No one wants the garbage container even at the door. We'il find a place. I went to many countries about the incineration plant. Our friends did a nice study with experts on the subject. Our team went everywhere. We made the decision. We decided to burn. We need to speed it up. Our garbage capacity is full. We've got a place to waste another two years. We promised the citizen Alikahya'da do not. Again, we will probably take place in Izmit where we can get from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. It takes 3 years to start its activity today. Even the election period seems to be difficult to grow. In the future, we will build such a facility in our Gebze region. We're going to train a citizen about this now. Now Kocaeli is going to burn our garbage without regular storage Artık

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