Demirdag Station Near Accident (Video-Photo Gallery)

A train accident occurred on the iron bridge near Demirdağ Station in Divriği district of Sivas province at around 16:00. At the Demirdağ Station site, the E68000 series train collided with the train coming from the opposite side and derailed. The freight train numbered 43303 carrying iron ore crashed with the train in the opposite direction, which was maneuvering and derayed!
While there were no deaths in the accident, there was heavy damage to the iron bridge and locomotive. The cause of the accident, which broke the silence of Demirdağ Station, will be determined after the expert report. Four mechanics were slightly injured as a result of the collision. Injured drivers were treated at Divriği State Hospital.
As a result of the 6 wagon derailment of the freight train, the work continues on the closed railway.



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