40 Annual Dream is Underpass

40 Annual Dream Completed Underpass is Real: The most important underpass project, which has been spoken for years but cannot be realized, is going to connect Larende and Sümer Districts to the city center.
About 40 years ago, the construction of an overpass was initiated to connect the neighborhoods on the other side of the railway line to the city center in terms of transportation, but this project could not be realized due to different reasons. Some of the bridge that was built remained a freak and became one of the most important problems of Karaman. This bridge feet were demolished by Karaman Municipality in 2012. Now, it has been decided to make an underpass in cooperation with Karaman Municipality and TCDD. Within the scope of Karaman-Ulukışla high speed train line works, an underpass will be constructed between Kemal Kaynakş Stadium and Buğday Pazarı, under 100. Yıl Avenue and under the train line.
Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan; Vice Presidents H. Osman Ünüvar, Abdullah Bağırgan and the municipal unit managers and the project team of the contractor company, together with the underpass carried out investigations in the area to be implemented.
Mayor Çalışkan: “We are implementing a project that will bring life to our neighborhoods on the other side of the railway. We are now resolving a 40-year-old problem. We will provide all the technical, structural and zonal support required for the start and completion of this project, which will be implemented in cooperation with our municipality and TCDD. Thanks to the underpass, our neighborhoods on the other side of the railway such as Larende and Sümer will have a safe and modern transportation opportunity. ”
At the meeting held at the municipality building after the investigations, the underpass project, where the works will begin, was discussed in full detail. Municipal teams within the scope of underpass works; Drinking water, sewage, rain water lines will not disrupt the work of the deplase work. Studies will start shortly.



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