Additional Lines for YHT Lines

arslan gnomes
arslan gnomes

Additional timetable for the YHT lines: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, 9-25 30-day of the feast of the Eid al-Fitr, which will last for a few days, stating, Ahmet Due to the intensity of all the traffic in the traffic of the Ministry as a Ministry of land, sea, air and railways all our measures We have taken it. al

Arslan, the General Directorate of Highways (KGM) during the holidays will be free of charge highway and bridges said.

Minister Arslan, AA correspondent, said in a statement, 9 day of the Eid al-Adha holiday 10 beginning as of September, remembering that during the 25-30 million citizens during the holiday period that they expect to take to the road, so the highways, railways, maritime and all the measures taken by the airline, he said.
10-17 September, as well as train lines, as well as high-speed train lines in addition to providing additional services Arslan, Izmir Blue Train, Konya Blue Train, Eastern Express, South-Kurtalan / Van Lake Express, Erciyes Express, Fırat Express and Pamukkale Express He added that one extra pulman was added to the wagon and the railways were ready for the festival.

  • ”We took all precautions on land, sea, air and railways“

Underlining that additional flights and road safety measures have been increased in the air and sea routes, Arslan reminded that the traffic increased by 60-70 during the holiday period, especially during the holidays.

Due to the intensity of the roads to be experienced in the traffic of the Ministry of land, sea, air and railroads taking all the measures that attract attention Arslan, said:

Kar Road works were interrupted on our highways where traffic was the busiest. Additional measures were taken on the main routes in the high traffic areas. Especially for motorways, especially in the high traffic density of the state roads, maintenance and repair for a variety of reasons, such as strips opened to traffic. Our goal is to prevent road accidents. In addition, we cooperated with the Ministry of Interior to take more stringent measures in case of accidents. However, the fact that approximately 10 percent of traffic accidents are caused by a driver error. Therefore, I want our citizens to be careful. Bu

Arslan pointed out that citizens should get information about road conditions before they start their journey. With this program you will be able to learn the most suitable routes and alternative routes as well as closed and working routes. Free Alo 159 line information about the road situation can be obtained. Da he said.

  • ”Do not turn anyone's feast into pain“

With the decision of the Council of Ministers build-operate-transfer (BOT) model except for the bridge and motorways, all the highways and bridges operated by KGM free of charge during the holiday will be given during the holiday Arslan, the Ministry of Transportation and access as the Ministry of the objectives of the citizen, divided roads, high-speed trains, he said that Turkey is the airport-to attain their loved ones spread across.

Arslan said, Ars But we have only one request from our citizens. We should always obey the traffic rules that we should obey. No one should turn their holiday into pain. On this occasion, I wish you no accident, days without sacrifice, I congratulate everyone for the Eid al-Adha. Bu


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