The latest situation at Mount Yama Ski Resort

Yama Mountain Ski Center in the last case: Malatya Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of the province of Hekimhan built by the Yama Mountain Ski Center will not be active this winter season. 2017 will find the end of the center, where new facilities and transportation and facility shortcomings will be eliminated.

It was learned that the Yama Mountain Ski Center, which will enable the development of ski sports and the interest of winter tourism in Malatya, cannot be grown this winter. If it is active, it will be able to use the ski center in Sivas, Kahramanmaraş, Erzincan to eliminate a significant deficiency in the region. The ski resort located on Yama Mountain with an altitude of 2500 meters between Sivas and Hekimhan will increase the interest in winter sports in Malatya.


There is a hotel in the center of the cable car and 70 which is largely completed in the center. Malatya Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, which has not received the delivery from the contractor since the construction of the ski facilities and construction works and landscaping has not been fully completed, awaits the completion of the shortcomings. Another problem in the ski resort is that the transportation network has not been completed yet. Malatya - Sivas Highway 110. The road between the kilometer and the ski center will not be able to serve in the winter months. Approximately 18 kilometers of this road, the only way to go in the form of pebble asphalt paving is not done in the winter months near the 2 meter to the center of the snow is becoming impossible to access.


The cost of the 18 kilometer road with a newly issued support by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be covered by this ministry. The Ministry of Youth and Sports will complete a new tender for the remaining parts of the facility and complete the other infrastructure, such as landscaping, runways, tools and maintenance elements. Eliminating all these shortcomings will find the end of 2017.

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