In the World's Eye Rail Systems Test Center

At the World's Railroad Systems Test Center: The construction of the National Rail Systems Research and Testing Center (URAYSIM), located in the Alpu district of Eskişehir, is expected to be completed by many countries.
Rector of Anadolu University Dr. Prof. Dr. Naci Gündoğan, Vice Rector Dr. Ali Savaş Koparal, Director of the Vocational School of Transport Prof.Dr. Ömer Mete Koçkar, Alpu Mayor Rafet Demirtaş and other interested persons made observations at the construction site of the center.
Afterwards, the Rector stated that the members of the press. Dr. Gündoğan stated that 2 had begun the construction of the center months ago and that 15 July had failed to announce a ceremony due to the conflict with the groundbreaking ceremony of the project. Gündoğan stated that they will carry out a groundbreaking ceremony in October and that they will enable such a center to be announced at national and international level through this ceremony.
2019 at the end of the center is ready to make completely ready. Dr. Gündoğan said, ğu We will complete the blocks of administrative, educational and social facilities in which we have started, where we started. In this process, we will have two more big tenders. We are planning to make both tenders in 2. One of them is our tender for test routes. After the completion of our tender for the test paths, these roads are planned to be completed within 2016 years. We will now have 3 grain testers. At this point, in the investment program of the Ministry of Development; A condition has been put in place that test devices can be taken after the approval of TCDD and its affiliates. Anadolu University is running the project, but there are also stakeholders. We have a number of organizations such as TCDD, TÜLOMSAŞ, TUVESAŞ and TÜDEMDAŞ, our most important customers as well as our stakeholders. We also consult with organizations on what kind of devices they need. So far, the 21 tester has been determined, our specifications have been prepared. We received our approval letters from TCDD and other organizations. Even yesterday I presented these documents to the Ministry of Development. I hope the approval of the Ministry in a very short time, and there will be no obstacles to our bidding. The design and production process of these devices will also take 21 years. 3 test paths on the one hand and on the other hand devices will be ready in the year. I hope the end of 3, 2019 as per the beginning of everything will be completed, "he said.
“We sent research assistants to the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK and the USA”
Rector Gündoğan, "Another point that our university attaches importance to the training of human resources," he said:
Hiç At this point in fact we never lost any time. As of 2012, we started to prepare our staff to serve in this facility quickly. At this point, we sent research assistants to many countries, especially Czech Republic, Germany, England and USA. These friends will start to return. In the next 2-3 year, until the completion of these facilities, our doctoral human resources will grow. Therefore, 23 will be prepared by our foreign physicians. In addition, we have plans to train not only senior but also intermediate staff. We are in cooperation with a very important organization in South Korea. Within this period, we will send our friends for training purposes to our organization in South Korea periodically. Bu
A special management style will be determined
A special form of management for URAYSİM is on the agenda. Dr. Gündoğan said, ında This is a very high level organization in terms of both diameter and value added. Consultations will be made with the Ministry of Development and the relevant institutions of our state in order to determine a special management model. We will give this decision in the next few years. Bur
Turkey will become a very important center
Gundogan, a very important center will be achieved, stating, said:
"After completion after first Alpu Eskisehir in Turkey after drawing at home and abroad-picked to do the tests for all rail vehicles, which made their accreditations will have become a very important center. We will be proud of that. Biz
Tests for the first time in Europe on the 400 speedometer High Speed ​​Trains
Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry of "Us and Accessing Turkey - 2013" document will be carried out in the rail system in the area of ​​the projects along with many R & D activities, attracting and as for the testing and certification of drawn vehicles, the first time in European hours cruising 400 mph A 50 km long test road will be constructed where High Speed ​​Trains can be tested. In addition, the construction of a test road for conventional rail vehicles, which can reach 180 kilometers per hour, and a test road that can be reached at speeds of 100 kilometers per hour for the tests of towing and towing vehicles for the Turkish Republics and the Russian Federation and the tests of the city rail transport. will be made. With the project, the establishment of workshops and laboratories for static, dynamic and electromechanical testing, certification and R&D of pulling and towing vehicles, training of scientists, researchers, test and certification personnel in the field of rail systems, and a training and social facilities in Eskişehir. together, a campus is planned to be established in the field of rail systems.
Foreign exchange outflow will be prevented
This project is the completion of the agreement will be designed in Turkey and draws rail systems will be produced and can be performed by international standards testing and certification drawn vehicles fully within the country and Rail Regulation could prevent the General Directorate's activities abroad to foreign exchange outflow supported. In addition, with the completion of the central establishment, with the privatization move on the railways, the controls and suitability of the vehicles, which are imported and imported from abroad, in terms of life and property safety of the citizens, will be tested domestically. On the other hand, as URAYSİM is the only test center that can reach 400 kilometers per hour in the world, service exports to foreign manufacturers can be realized through testing service, as it will enable more detailed tests on the test road, rather than the active road, of high-speed trains produced in Europe.

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