Worker who died in Marmaray Tunnel was buried in Çorum

Marmaray Stops Map
Marmaray Stops Map

The worker who died in the Marmaray Tunnel was buried in Çorum: The funeral of 27-year-old Fatih Uysal, who lost his life in the Marmaray tunnel while interfering with water leakage, was buried in his hometown of İskilip District of Çorum.

Fatih Uysal's funeral was brought to Beyoğlan Village in İskilip District of his hometown Çorum last night. Kadir Uysal, 1, the father of Fatih Uysal, father of 67 child, stood with difficulty. Cemile Uysal, a 66-year-old mother with a heart disease, has suffered badly. His wife Özlem Uysal, 26, was also tried to calm down by his relatives. Her brother Sold Uysal said, “After we heard the news of my brother's death, we collapsed. My brother had recently come to the village during the Feast of Sacrifice. After returning from here on Sunday, he got an electric current while he was working at night, he was told to us. He had been working in Istanbul for about 7 years. ”

Fatih Uysal's funeral was buried in tears in Beyoğlan Village of İskilip District of Çorum after the funeral prayer.

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