The construction of the tram will not finish in time

Is the construction of the tram will be finished in time: The Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan's' tram construction will be delayed mi 4 days passed. Still an official did not make a statement to the citizen.
6 Izmit City Council meeting on September, had a very interesting moments. First of all, the Mayor of Izmit, Nevzat Dogan, had thrown the burden on the Municipality to the Metropolitan Municipality. Doğan Metropolitan Municipality is talking about such crimes as Dogan; . Do not bring the problems of other institutions to come and the municipality of Izmit. Immediately after the 2014 elections, I went to our governor, metropolitan mayor, and told him about the distress of Bars Street. I said that the current situation in bars street is not suitable for our city, there are some problems, there is a new solution, the bars can be controlled and these areas can be moved to the sea side. With red lines, there are certain areas where such powers are determined. This authority is in the Metropolitan Municipality. The solution was not produced, but I did my duty. I have no place to use or use my bars. The existing bars were demolished by tram, and everyone entered the role of throwing them into the municipality of Izmit. Taking the decision of destruction metropolitan, his responsibility. We brought friends in the group when we brought friends to the place issues outside the city. Nobody throws the ball. The head of the metropolitan municipality also said that they were looking positive for a place outside the city, but there was no study. Don't ask me about this again. Ask them who's responsible. Sorum
Dogan's Metropolitan Municipality and the Provincial Chairman of the AKP for this output in the hall of the astounded.
The second debate in the Assembly meeting was a complete shock. The project of the Metropolitan Municipality, İzmit Tram, was discussed at the parliamentary meeting. Some municipal council members said that the construction of the tram left the trades in a difficult position, and that the tram route was very difficult.
Dogan who took the microphone, he made the statement of shock; Proje The tram project is a project supported by the Metropolitan. We are experiencing a troubled process. The fact that the contractor doesn't act very carefully upset us and our people. There is an incredible follow-up, but despite all these problems. Surgery is being done at a time when life flows. I also know that our tradesmen are troubled. Especially the work of our shopkeepers in Yenişehir and Mehmet Ali Pasha is difficult, but the operation will end, we will forget our pain in the future. It is certain that there is a delay, Bir he said.
There may be a delay in a project, this is a normal situation. Conditions, difficulty of the project, financial problems etc. delays in many factors is quite normal. Many of the projects of the Metropolitan Municipality have already experienced these delays.
But the problem here is that every time the metropolitan municipality declares that the construction of the tram will be over, the municipality's website will have a clock for it. The delay in this project, which the Metropolitan Municipality considers as a life memat, causes a big image problem.
Why is Nevzat Dogan's zat will be delayed al statement by Nevzat Dogan, although it has nothing to do with such a serious and important project? 4 days passed, nenen no Metropolitan Municipality does not make a statement come out?
From here, we ask again, as of today, will the completion of the 146 day-long tram work on time? Why did Nevzat Dogan make such a statement? If not, which problems won't end?
Make sure your answer is not only we waiting for thousands of Izmit cev

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