Bayramda Ankara Bus and Metro Will Be Free

Ankara Bus and Metro will be free in Ankara: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the capital city of the Eid and ASKI to spend the Kurban Bayrami peace and security measures taken in all the units took the necessary measures.
The metropolitan municipality took all the necessary measures in the EGO and ASKİ units in order to spend the peace and security of the Eid al-Adha. EGO buses will be free again during the holidays. During the festival, the capitalists, requests and complaints during the 7 / 24 open ALO 153 line while transmitting, police and fire brigade teams, will be on duty during the holiday.
The Metropolitan Municipality's, free bus journey at the festival X will continue this year during 4 day of Eid al-Adha (12 August Monday, 13 August Tuesday, 14 August Wednesday, 15 August Thursday).
As every year, this year, the citizens of the cemetery and the relatives without any transportation problem, to make visits to the places they want, safe places to reach the EGO buses, free passengers will carry. The 12 will start on Monday, and the 4 will be able to enter the EGO buses without using the Ankarakarts during the day.
With the ebil EGO Cepte veya application, Ankara residents will be able to find out what bus, bus, internet, or ALO 153 will be available.
Metropolitan Municipality, all units and general directorates during the Feast of Sacrifice will be on duty. ALO 153 ler Blue Table ve will continue to receive the wishes, demands and complaints of the people of Ankara by working at 7 / 24.
ASKI General Directorate of Channel Fault teams 24 hours of nonstop duty, during the Feast will meet the urgent needs of the capital. Citizens will be able to reach ASKİ on ALO 153.
Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Municipal Police will provide the necessary controls for the transportation and stopping of traffic in the city in order to provide the layout in the city transportation and to ensure that the public can make the holiday visits easily. Municipal police teams from the day of the tightening of food controls will be tightened, citizens will provide more healthy food. During the festival, citizens will be able to communicate the negativities they face to the 231 79 84 229 66 91 XNUMX XNUMX.
In Karsiyaka, Ortakoy, Cebeci Asri and Sincan cemeteries, necessary measures were taken in order to enable citizens to visit their deceased relatives comfortably and peacefully.
EGO also organized bus services for Ankara residents to travel to the cemeteries easily. In this context, the bus will go to Karsiyaka Cemetery for certain points.
210 bus line will be lifted from Hospital Metro Stop (Yenimahalle). 09.00-17.00 will be served every 10 minutes.
277, 279 and Yuksekeltepe-Sıhhiye and Yükseltepe-Kızılay buses will be lifted from Yükseltepe starting point and Saturday tariff will be applied.
Sincan Cimşit Cemetery, Sincan Lale Square every half an hour will be lifted by EGO buses. In addition, 514-2 bus will provide transportation between 06.25 and 22.30 hours between New Cimşit District Cimşit Serpmeler Station and Sıhhiye.
In the Mamak Ortaköy Cemetery during the festival; 354-07.00 with the buses operating on the Elmadağ-Ankara Gar Youth Park line with the number 18.40, 397-07.00 with buses running on the line of Yeşildere-Ankara Gar Youth Park with the number 19.00 and 359 with buses running on the Gökçeyurt-Ortaköy-Kızılcaköy-Ulus line with the number 06.50 22.30 hours between the hours.
The General Directorate of EGO will organize ring trips in the cemeteries during the Eid Day and Feast day for the citizens to visit the relatives of the citizens in Karşıyaka, Ortaköy and Sincan cemeteries.
Considering the size of Karsiyaka, Cebeci and Sincan cemeteries, 5 at Yenimahalle Karşıyaka Cemetery, 2 at Cimşit Cemetery, 1 EGO vehicle at Mamak Ortaköy Cemetery, making continuous ring inside the cemeteries, citizens will be able to reach the places where they will go.
Oluy Cemetery Computer System) (MEBİS) provides guidance for citizens to find the grave they are looking for. Considering the size of the cemeteries of Karsiyaka, Cebeci and Sincan, the kiosks located in the MEBIS located at the entrance of the cemetery allow visitors to find the grave with which their relatives are located and the shortest path is easily obtained by taking a map out.
Citizens with relatives in the capital city, the Internet, "" to enter the address, the detailed information about the tomb where they can go.
The Department of Fire Department will also maintain 7 / 24 during the Feast of Sacrifice. Ankara Fire Department officials, the citizens who will go to the picnic places during the holiday, "Fire attention" warning made. Fire officials, the ones who will leave their homes during the holidays, the electrical switch, water and natural gas valves, they warned to close.

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