Description of Van Attack

Van Governorship Freight Train Attack Description: Van Saray district TCDD train attack in the 2 train officer injured
The explosive, previously laid by PKK members on the train tracks in the Van Saray district, was detonated during the passage of the freight train. In the bomb attack on the TCDD train, 2 train officers were injured.
Van departed at noon and went to the Kapikoy district of the Saray district on the Iranian border. and MB-TCDD 53032 expedition was attacked at Keçikayası locality, 10 kilometers away from Saray District. The bomb, previously laid on the tracks by PKK terrorists, was exploded during the passage of the train. The train's locomotive was damaged in the explosion, two officials were slightly injured.
After the incident, security forces closed the entrances to the region and launched an operation to neutralize PKK terrorists.
Van Governorate made a statement regarding the bomb attack on the freight train by PKK terrorists in Saray district.
Van Governor's statement, the Van-Tehran freight train in a bomb attack organized by the separatist terrorist organization 2 officer was slightly injured said. The statement said, “Our province's Saray district Keçikayası Neighborhood within the boundaries of the 25.09.2016 day 12.20 on the Van-Tehran voyage on the 53032 voyage, sabotage was organized by members of the separatist terrorist organization using explosives. In the event that the explosive which was considered to be trapped on the rails was detonated during the passage of the train, the locomotive of the train was burned and damaged, and the 4 wagon came off the rail and toppled.
The investigation of the incident in which 2 personnel on the train was also slightly injured is continuing ”.



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