Crownless King returns to Izmir

The non-crowned King returned to Izmir: one of the new ships of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which was determined by the votes of the people of Izmir, met with the Gulf. The legend of. Taçsız King N Metin Oktay, the legend of Turkish football, was the ”12 number” of the new fleet.
8, the first passenger of the 15, which was introduced by the Metropolitan Municipality to the city and whose names were determined by the people of Izmir, cost about 12 million Euros, met the gulf of XNUMX. After the final inspection of the shipyard in Yalova, the ship that came to Izmir Bay was given the name of the legendary player of Turkish football, Metin Oktay of Izmir. Metin Oktay, the process of the completion of the procedure in the coming days after the completion of the procedure was reported.
Respect for legends
The names of the vessels that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality provided to the transportation fleet were determined by the survey conducted with the participation of the people of İzmir. 500 more than a thousand games used in the survey the highest vote was named 1881-Ataturk. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been serving the 11 vessel so far, gave the names of Çakabey, 9 September, 1881 Atatürk, Soma 301, Dario Moreno, Attila İlhan, Foça, Cengiz Kocatoros, Gürsel Aksel, Sait Altınordu and Vahap Özaltay. The next ship of the Metropolitan will be sonraki Gezi Büyük.
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality also gave the names of Hasan Tahsin, Ahmet Piriştina and Kubilay with the votes of the people of İzmir.
Has grown in Damlacık, became the top scorer in İzmirspor
Metin Oktay (1936-1991), nicknamed the dı Crownless King cık, started his football career in 1952 with Damlacıkspor, one of the local teams of İzmir. 1953-1954 1954 55 1955 1959 13 1991 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX In his only season here, he won the Izmir Professional League title and a goal kingdom. XNUMX agreement with Galatasaray. He scored three goals in a row with the goals he scored in the league. In the National League established in XNUMX, the goal kingdoms continued to survive and kept the title of top scorer in the league's first three seasons. After his football career, he worked as a coach in various clubs. XNUMX died as a result of a traffic accident at the exit of the Bosphorus Bridge in September XNUMX.
Faster, more comfortable, more secure
The new passenger ships of Izmir launched a new era of sea transportation with the comfort, speed and maneuverability. The carbon composite material used in the ships reduced the fuel consumption due to the weight, and the carbon dioxide emission decreased. Particular advantages of new ships are the fact that they are environmentally friendly and disabled, and that passenger safety is kept at the highest level. Thanks to new ships, the number of daily voyages in the inner gulf reached 200 from the average 300. 8 ships can carry passengers, each of which costs about 426 million Euros.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's 450 passenger and 71 passenger cars with new cars are appreciated with their technology and comfort. In the new car ferries that are designed for the disabled and visually impaired people to ride and move, the 2-5 is a playground for children of age, pet cages, baby stroller and 2 elevator for wheelchairs.

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