There is great potential in the field of rail systems in Turkey

Turkey has a great potential in the area of ​​the rail system: Bombardier Transportation, the Transportation Technology 2016 InnoTrans International Fair held in Berlin from the train, metro and signal until the system has introduced its new products.
The 'Movia Maxx' metro platform, designed to meet the needs of rapidly growing cities, was exhibited at Innotrans 2016 for the first time. The Movia Maxx metro offers maximum value based on a single, modular and flexible solution that can be adapted to the different needs of the operators. The Movia Maxx metro platform is designed to provide the most ideal cost in terms of passenger capacity, energy consumption, reliability and availability.
The new Talent 3 trains solutions for operational flexibility and stands out as the first Electric Train Set (EMU) with Primove battery. The Talent 3 platform provides operational flexibility with energy efficiency and improved maintenance. The Talent 3 stands out as an ideal train across Europe. With the European train control system (ETCS), the Talent 3 is the first to use the Bombardier Primove lithium-ion battery system with electric multi-Talent trains. In the 3 Talent trains in Turkey it is projected to rise to the rails.
Laurent Troger, president of Bombardier Transportation, said in his speech at the show that InnoTrans 2016 was an opportunity to communicate with its customers and to better understand their needs. . We have attended the fair from all over the world. TCDD, mainly from Turkey had high participation in the fair. Bombardier's rail as our work on behalf of Turkey to become a partner in the investments made in the system would continue uninterrupted, "he said.
Managing Director of Bombardier Transportation Turkey Furio Rossi said, "Turkey in the year 2023 the rail system and said investment will be made over $ 45 billion for infrastructure. On the other hand, there are many new projects Öte.
high-speed and regional trains in Turkey, locomotives, signaling equipment, subway and tram like rail in the final quality standard segment, determined that they were stressed Rossi to provide the latest technology products, he continued: "We are confident the developments in Turkey with new investments forever. Already engaged in domestic production Bozankaya The fact that we are partnering with the company is the biggest indicator of this. Bombardier and, if selected by TCDD for the upcoming 80 High Speed ​​Train tender Bozankaya In the framework of our partnership, along with a brand new production facility in Ankara, we plan to invest approximately $ 100 million to Turkey. at present Bozankaya We have started our investments in the facility in Sincan, Ankara. ”
Rossi, indicating that a lot of potential in the field of rail systems in Turkey, said that Turkey is one of the most ideal solution for the Talent trains 3.



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