Turkey may be one of the major producing countries in the rail system

Turkey may be one of the major producing countries in the rail system: Bombardier Transportation Turkey Managing Director Furio Rossi, technology transfer said it is very important for Turkey, "Turkey, rail area has the potential to become one of the major producer countries with successful technology transfer." said.
Rossi, who made evaluations at the InnoTrans 2016 Transportation Technologies Fair in Berlin, which also includes Bombardier Transportation, said that the company is the “global leader” in the rail technologies sector by presenting the largest portfolio in the industry.
Rossi stated that the product range includes all rail system solutions from trains to subway and signal systems. Bombardier also explained that they offer complete transportation systems, e-mobility technology and maintenance services.
Rossi, 26 63 production and engineering field in the country, with the 18 service center continue to operate around the world said, said:
“Our headquarters is in Berlin, Germany. We operate in more than 39 countries, employing 400 people. $ 60 billion Bombardier, which has a strong order reserve, as for Turkey's developing transportation plans and public transport owns the most ideal product portfolio. as Bombardier since 30 in the field of rail systems in strong cooperation with Turkey, we continue our work. Brazil, India, China, Mexico and with localization experience in countries such as South Africa, the technology transfer Bombardier is the global leader in Transportation, all the infrastructure to meet the needs related to Turkey's technology transfer ready to provide the best way. "
Bombardier Transportation works in Turkey
Furio Rossi, the company's first in Istanbul in 1985 and in 1996 it was responsible for the subway system in Turkey, Ankara, Izmir while the subway told delivered in 2005.
Stating that they supply 55 innovative Flexity trams for Istanbul and high-based trams for Bursa, Rossi reminded that the delivery of Istanbul was completed in 2004 and Bursa was completed in 2011.
Rossi said, “Bombardier Transportation also built a prestigious light rail transportation system in Adana in 2010, Eskişehir in 2004 and Izmir in 1998. With all these projects, the city centers were successfully connected with the suburbs. Bombardier Transportation, which provides more capacity and rail traffic safety in Turkey in recent years by establishing supply of railway signaling and traffic management solutions. Irmak-Zonguldak main line signal and Üsküdar-Ümraniye metro signalization are still ongoing works. ” he spoke.
In Turkey Bozankaya firms with production of high-speed trains mention that they have partnered to Rossi, the partnership, he said 5 thousand will create close business deals in Turkey.
Furio Rossi, stressing that the transfer of technology is very important for Turkey, "Turkey in the rail system has the potential to become one of the major producer countries with successful technology transfer." said.
The main municipalities in Turkey, new metro and tram lines, improving traffic congestion and pollution is faced with reducing requirements expressing Rossi, Istanbul, he said that one of the main is the most dense city traffic jams in Europe.
As Bombardier, Rossi said that the government and municipalities are ready to support their transport plans requirements, said:
“Bombardier is ready to support the needs of the municipalities and the government regarding their transportation plans within the scope of its products such as the high capacity Talent regional train connecting cities and regions or airport passenger carriers that can be used at the 3rd airport. As Bombardier, we produce a wide range of solutions. We are ready to offer optimal solutions for the needs of all types of rail systems in Turkey. On the other hand, high-speed train and metro projects in Istanbul excite us. A really good infrastructure work is required for metro projects in Istanbul. Of course it is a difficult process. While trying to get rid of traffic problems, you have to cause traffic jams for metro infrastructure works. On the other hand, if we consider the solution in the long term, the faster projects are started, the faster it will be completed. ”
"We've seen great positive change for the state of rail market in Turkey"
Furio Rossi is the two main advantages of Bombardier's high speed trains and metro vehicles; Stating that they have proven designs in commercial service and high level innovative technologies they have, he continued his words as follows:
"Let us take as our example we propose Zefiro high-speed train for Turkey. This product has the technologies that make it unique, offering high capacity, reliability and performance at incredible efficiency levels. Trains are in service for more than 30 years and we design our vehicles by considering the operating costs during this period. We minimize energy consumption and try to keep the feasibility and effectiveness of their maintenance at a high level. These are ultimately a high added value for our customers and rail operators. Compared to other countries where it operates the Bombardier we have seen great positive change for the state of rail market in Turkey. We want to support Turkey with the best possible products. "



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