Travel to outer space by train

Travel to space by train: The trip to Mars will take only 37 hours if an American designer's "space train" project is launched. The train will speed up to 3 thousand kilometers per second.
The space journey that human beings have been dreaming of for years becomes reality. US designer Charles Bombardier signed a crazy project. If the project is implemented, the space journey from Earth to the Moon will take only 2 minutes.
Bombardier aims to reach the speed train called "Solar Express" to 3 thousand kilometers per second. If the train is successful, the Earth from the Moon can be reached in 2 minutes, Mars in 37 hours, and the farthest planet, Neptune, in only 18 days. Obstacles to space travel; obtaining speed and fuel to be used. With the new project of the American designer, both problems are expected to be resolved.
Space travel is the most costly areas of acceleration and deceleration stages. Bombardier developed a different solution to this problem.
Accordingly, the space train will move without stopping. Once accelerated, the vehicle will benefit from the frictionless space of space and will no longer need energy.
In order to reach the 3 thousand kilometers per second of the train, the rockets used for space travel will be used today. Then the maximum speed will be achieved by using the gravity of the planets in the solar system.
It takes about 260 days to reach Mars with NASA's current technology.




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