Trabzon's ropeway project takes place

The ropeway project in Trabzon is being implemented: The project of the ropeway project planned to be built in Trabzon was prepared. The ropeway to be installed between the coast and Botanic Park will be a total length of 3 thousand meters and 2 separate stations will be found.

The zoning plans prepared for the station and pylon locations of the coastal-botanical park teleferic project planned for some time in Trabzon were negotiated in Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Assembly and unanimously accepted. The 2 Station, which will be located in the Rubble and Botanic Park, will have a total of 3 thousand meters in length.

Trabzon Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, Belediye This is a process. There are places to get approval from Natural Heritage. There are places where the views of other institutions will be taken. We think the best ropeway project will be sitting here. From Trabzon Botany, it can be considered in the east-west direction along Boztepe's horizontal line. That's what we think right now. Ş

Development Commission informing the Metropolitan Municipality Council on the subject SözcüSu Hüsnü Akkan said, bilinç Local administrations today need to be conscious of the budget and sensitive to the environment while meeting the transportation services of the individuals living in the city. Ropeway systems, which are a serious public transportation system by environmentally sensitive and thrifty cities, do not require a lot of spare parts and it is important to save a lot of time due to passing over all obstacles. It is also very useful in terms of connecting to the recreation areas. Bun

In recent years, there is a significant increase in the level of tourists seen in the city that expresses Akkan,, the number of tourists visiting our city in recent years to reach a visible level, to increase the accessibility of tourism destinations made it necessary to strengthen the tourism infrastructure. Pre - project for the coastal - botanical ropeway was prepared. The cable car line, which is useful both in terms of tourism and transportation, is designed to be accessible to people of all walks.

Akkan stated that the ropeway will have two stations, namely Rubble and Botanic Park. T There are two stations on the ropeway line with a total length of 3 thousand meters, in Moloz and in the Botanic Park. The location of the pilon sites was chosen in such a way that they would not adversely affect the urban areas. Since the starting section of the ropeway line is about 3 thousand meters long and the first station area is on the north of the coastal line, it is located within the approved area of ​​the ministry and the planning authority on this part is located in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. A part of the cable car line is located within the Urban Conservation Area. The last part of the ropeway line and the second station are located in the area where the botanical park 1. For the route, the proposal for the Amendment Plan for Protection to be prepared for the route should be approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The rest of the cable car line remains in the area of ​​the authority of the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon kısım he said.

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