Tkb Benefits, Erzincan Ergan Mountain Ski Center Found in Investigations

Benefits Tkb, Erzincan Erkan Mountain Ski Center in Review Found in: Turkey Ski Federation (MHF) President Erol Benefits, Erzincan Erkan Mountain Ski Center in the investigations found.

Benefit, Governor of Erzincan Ali Arslantaş, Deputy Governor Ahmet Türköz, MUSIAD Erzincan Branch President Murat Yurt visited the ski resort.

Benefits in a statement after investigations, Erkan Mountain Ski Center said that Turkey is a rare place, he said this place is believe to be one of the world's most important ski centers.

Noting that they continue to work with local administrators to reveal the potential in the ski resort, Yarar said, “New investments are made here every year. We saw our pond today and we are very pleased. Our snow system is starting, our tracks have expanded. As the meteorologists say, I hope it will snow this year. I hope it will be a fertile year. " said.

Stating that the more efficient operation of Ergan Mountain, the increase of the hotels and the increase in the occupancy rates of the hotels in the city are their primary targets, Yarar said:

“The number of aircraft coming here needs to increase. When we see the investments made, our belief in Ergan Mountain increases every year. We have a project like 4 million skier to bring to Turkey. This project is progressing step by step. This year, there will be the European Youth Olympic Festival in Erzurum. This is a very large international organizations for Turkey. In 2018, the winter Olympics will be in South Korea. We are getting ready for all this. We hope that after the infrastructure works on Mount Ergan, let's come to the level where European cups will make world cups. All of our efforts are to develop all our regions one by one and bring this beautiful mountain of Erzincan to the level it deserves. "

Erzincan Governor Ali Arslantaş pointed out that the daily facilities were overhauled and efforts were made to provide better quality service to citizens and skiers who would use the facilities, and said, “Our tracks have been increased to a minimum width of 40 meters. A part of 200 meters will be illuminated and will be offered to ski lovers until 12 at night. We had previously felt embarrassed by skiers due to a malfunction in our chairlift unit. We have worked on both its maintenance and the establishment of a teleski system in the 200 meters section, I hope it will catch up with the season. " used the expressions.