Bozankayaproduced by the local trams received full marks from citizens

📩 12/12/2018 17:29

BozankayaThe local trams produced by the city received full marks from the citizens: Bozankaya company and completely made by Turkish engineers, a hundred percent of the domestic rail system vehicles received full marks from the citizens. The new vehicles impress with their comfort, safety and appearance.
A part of the 42 new rail system vehicle, in which the Metropolitan Municipality has invested approximately 30 million euros, started its flights. Bozankaya'S trams are manufactured in Ankara, with the highest passenger capacity in Turkey. At the same time the cost of buying in Turkey carried out so far in the importance of being the most convenient tram project.
Native instead of europe
Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality had previously supplied rail system vehicles from European manufacturers. Developing the rail system line Kayseri, for the purchase of new vehicles Bozankayapreferred local production trams. Design and manufacture completely Bozankaya This tram, which was realized by Turkish engineers within the structure, is a very modern and highly technological transportation vehicle.
Test drives were conducted in May
Some of the vehicles, which were completely domestic, were subjected to monthly tests in May and were tested on the 1. New trams are currently operating on the Cumhuriyet Square-Talas line.
Citizens are satisfied
The citizen who uses the new rail system vehicle is very satisfied with both service and comfort. According to the previous vehicles, the citizens were a bit more spacious, thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality.
Advantageous in every aspect
Bozankaya'S domestic production of low-floor tram in 33 meters long and two-way, Turkey has the distinction of being in the car with the highest passenger capacity in its segment. Bozankayadeveloped by the tram, offers a high passenger capacity of 66 people, including the 392 person with a spacious and spacious interior. With six doors on both sides and a total of 12 doors, these doors can be used for faster passenger boarding and unloading. With the use of real axles in bogies, low maintenance costs and ease of maintenance are provided. In addition, high efficiency and sustainability are provided by using an inverter for each motor. In addition to favorable purchase costs, domestic production is also provided with advantages such as lower cost and shorter spare parts and services.

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