Turkey's fast on its way

Turkey's fastest set out: Siemens Transportation Department Director Cüneyt Genç, InnoTrans in Berlin to test the latest high-speed train sets on display at the 2016 Fair after being sent to Vienna will be delivered to TCDD, said: "specially designed 6 high-speed train sets for Turkey this year will begin to be used in Turkey in line. " said.
Young, AA correspondent, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry prepared 2023 Transport and Communications Strategy by two-fold by the year 2023 of the transportation demand in Turkey, pointing will increase four times until xnumx'y, it was far beyond the increase in the world's transportation needs told.
In Turkey, railways reminiscent located between the 25 objectives of the removal of 2023 thousand kilometers of the total length Young, 200 set in this context, very high-speed trains, 10 thousand kilometers of new high speed rail, 4 thousand kilometers of standard gauge, 5 thousand new metro vehicles and the current 11 thousand kilometers of standard railway will be invested for the repair of the voiced.

  • “Investments continue unabated”

Young, stressing that they closely follow investment programs in the sector, he said continued unabated investment in Turkey.
Young stating that they constitute an important resource for high-speed trains in Turkey, stressed that they also closely involved with the new tender.
Young, said earlier Siemens trams and construction of the final assembly of the decision that they received in Turkey, "we received an order from Turkey on're not planning to do so. Our decision, the adequacy of the supply chain in Turkey about being in a very good level. "He said.
The Government's strategy to support local and national production representing Young, "The rate of nativism with suppliers and sub-suppliers in Turkey after being provided over xnumx'n percent have plans to produce the national trend. As a technology partner, we want Siemens to take into account the localization and technology transfer experience in this field. Turkey, R & D resources really separates the partners in this regard, the technology leader in elective companies. As Siemens, we are ready to make all necessary efforts in domestic and national production. ”

  • New trains to be commissioned this year

The first of which 7 train sets from Siemens by TCDD May xnumx't to begin flights reminiscent of the Ankara-Konya line Young, the last set foot in 2015 soon would be sent to Turkey.
Young, said the train sets in question was sent about 4 months ago from the contract with TCDD, said:
“We successfully operate one of these sets on the Ankara-Konya line. This single train set, although difficult to maintain and operate, operates with the highest order in the world. The last train set exhibited at Innotrans Berlin 2016 will be delivered to TCDD after being sent to Vienna for testing. 6 specially designed high-speed train sets for Turkey to be introduced in Turkey in line this year. "

  • Velaro Turkey

The latest generation of the Velaro series high-speed train platform, which received the kalite Red Dot kalite quality award for its design in harmony with its interior and exterior design, includes train sets in Ankara-Konya line as well as existing lines in Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-İstanbul, İstanbul-Konya. Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Izmir high-speed train lines will continue to be used.
Very high speed new train sets, which can speed up to 320 per hour, are separated from other series of the series with its spacious restaurant section, specially designed business class rooms, advanced entertainment and telecommunication systems.

  • Seamless internet

The new train sets include 45's first class, 4 business class compartment, each with 3 passenger capacity, 424 economy class and 2 wheelchair seat. In addition, trains have a restaurant and bistro section with seating capacity for 483.
Velaro Turkey, attracts attention with its design as well as superior technical features. The structures and components that are clearly defined in the design of the train mean details such as connection designs with minimum clearance, invisible screw connections at technically appropriate points, a high level of retention and ergonomic functionality.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art communications and entertainment systems used in these trains, passengers can receive uninterrupted internet service, track news, watch videos or live TV.

  • The cuisine of the train reflects the Turkish hospitality

Customer-specific equipment fitted kitchen part, providing hot and cold food to be offered on the high standard of hospitality in Turkey. Thanks to the use of multi-purpose kitchen appliances, all kinds of special food requests of passengers can be met.
Interior and exterior cameras showing passenger areas, mechanic cabin, entry-exit areas, front and rear are working in closed circuit system. On-board telephones are equipped with passenger information monitors and internal telephones that enable disabled passengers to communicate with train personnel.
The state-of-the-art new high-speed range includes comprehensive safety systems including vehicle safety and train control. In case of any negativity in the vehicle, the necessary measures are taken automatically by the system.

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