TCDD recruitment of disabled staff

Reception of tcdd staff
Reception of tcdd staff

Recruitment of TCDD personnel: The Turkish State Railways announced that they will receive 2 disabled personnel to the Konya Directorate.

Located in the State Personnel Presidency According to the announcement, the Republic of Turkey State Railways Directorate of the General Directorate 1 due to Konya Railway Station staff will be disabled. In addition, 621 disabled personnel will be recruited to Konya 1 Road Maintenance and Repair Chief, which is also located in Konya. Applications can be made until October 20, 2016.

Candidates who will be included in the final list reported by İŞKUR will apply personally by completing 1 photographic Job Request Information Form to be published on the TCDD website with photocopies of the documents requested below to participate in the oral exam. The candidates who will take place in the final list reported by İŞKUR will be sent to the addresses of the candidates who will submit their documents, notices before the notary public, and the notification date of the oral exam. If the candidates who deliver documents are 3 times or below the request, no draw will be made before the notary public.

In the event that the candidates who are in the final list and submit documents are more than 3 times the request, those who will participate in the oral exam will be determined by drawing lots in the presence of a notary public at the address of TCDD General Directorate Human Resources Department (ANKARA) on October 24, 2016 at 10.00:27. The oral exam is at 2016:10 on October 00, 1. Workers with disabilities who will be recruited to work in the art branch of the Railway Line Maintenance Repairer are required to have at least XNUMX year experience in road maintenance and repair works in rail systems where freight and passenger transportation is carried out together.

It is required to be experienced in maneuvering services for at least 1 year in disabled systems to be recruited to be employed in the Art of Mechanic Wagon Art at Konya Station, in rail systems where cargo and passenger transportation are carried out together.



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