TCDD Continues to Purchase Workers

TCDD Continues Recruitment of Employees of at least high school graduates: At least high school graduates published by the General Directorate of State Railways continue their recruitment.

The General Directorate of State Personnel Presidency announced recently on the official website of the General Directorate of TCDD, announced the proclamation of the purchase of at least high school graduates. While the applications are still being received in accordance with this announcement, we wanted to make a new reminder for the applicants. The applicants who have to apply for the application must contain all the advertisements and terms. Otherwise, their applications cannot be received.

Number of workers to be taken: 108 worker Professionals: 41 Machinist - Train (Machinist Work) 13 Mechanical Vehicles Plant Device and Crane Operator, 34 Train Delivery, 16 Railway Line Maintenance Repairer (Road Maintenance and Repair Work), 4 Electrician (General) - ( Electricity.


* Applications of candidates wishing to apply to the property is collected by the Labor and Employment Agency of Turkey provincial directorates. People who wish to apply for the ad should apply for applications from here.

* All the points and information about the applications are listed on the official web address of TCDD.

* Application deadline: 29.09.2016. CLICK HERE to reach the guide guide.

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