Report on suspicious bags on the rail

Konyda suspicious bag on the rail false notice: the report on suspicious bag on the rail after the closure of the station was not found in the examination of any adversity was found Police, detained a person near the station
In Konya, after the station was temporarily closed upon the notification that there were suspicious bags on the rails, it was understood that there was no negativity in the examination. One person was detained for the false report.
According to information received, the police made a phone call, near the Konya Station rails with suspicious bags were found.
Acting upon the notice, the teams emptied the station completely and took security measures around. Two High Speed ​​Train (YHT) coming to the city from Istanbul and Ankara were also suspended at the city entrance.
Fire brigade and 112 Emergency Service staff were shipped at the station, police teams on the tracks were searched with trained dogs. As a result of the investigation turned out to be unfounded.
Police detained Y.A (17) near the station regarding the incident.
Later gar was re-opened. The trains kept at the entrance of Konya were allowed to pass.



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