The Analysis Documents Are Out Of The Bag Of The Woman Who Committed Suicide In The Subway

The woman who committed suicide in the subway revealed analysis papers: 41 jumped in front of a train in the subway yesterday, killing her. The woman with the paperwork in her handbag may have suicide due to bad news. While his family was experiencing the shock of the incident, the woman's brother said, ise We went to the doctor, we don't know what we learned.
In Istanbul Kadıköy Kozyatağı Station of Kartal metro line witnessed terrible moments yesterday. A woman named Finally K. (12.30), a mother of 2 children, who was waiting at the station around 41, threw herself on the rails as the train approached the station. Kalkan, who was under the train, died terribly at the scene. Police teams took security measures at the station, the expeditions Kadıköy- It was stopped unilaterally in the direction of the eagle. It was announced that the trips were stopped due to a technical malfunction. Kalkan's body was taken from the subway after the crime scene team and the prosecutor's investigation. The flights resumed after 2.5 hours.


An investigation was initiated into the suicide of Nihayet K., who was learned to live in Çekmeköy. According to the news of Habertürk; It was claimed that Kalkan had documents related to the analysis in his bag. The police emphasize that the young woman, mother of 2 children, may have taken her life due to a 'bad' result from the analysis.


Finally, K.'s wife ran to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Hospital in Bostancı, where the body was taken. The relatives of K., who tried to get information from the authorities, said, “We do not know what happened. There is nothing to say ”he was content with saying. Songül K., sister of K., who lives in Izmir, also set off for Istanbul as soon as she got the bitter news. Songül K. said that her sister had been treated for a while but had no cancer and continued as follows: “I think my sister went to the doctor today. But we don't know what he learned. He had joint rheumatism, he would go for frequent check-ups. He had no problem with his marriage. He called me 1 week ago. He said that his treatment for his illness continues. He was cheerful, talking with a laugh. However, his Psychology may be impaired. It did not reflect on us at all. There was no such thing as cancer treatment. I think suicide is a momentary thing.

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