Approval for the Sivasta Ropeway Project

Approval for the Project of the Ropeway: The Metropolitan Meeting of Sivas Metropolitan Municipality was held in September. In the meeting, it was stated that the Directorate of Preservation Regional Protection Board of Sivas granted approval to the Teleferic Project. The Assembly, in the past months during the meeting, the cable car to pass through the works under the protection of the directorate had decided to get an opinion.

Metropolitan Municipality Council Hall yesterday, the meeting, Deputy Mayor Şahin Özer chaired. The meeting was the first to read and accept the summary of the decision taken at the meeting of 16 August 2016. Then the agenda items were passed. Some of the items on the agenda were denied acceptance, some were referred to the relevant commissions, and some articles were accepted.

One of the most prominent agenda items was the article on the cable car project. The Mayor Meeting of the Mayor of the Greater City Council of the 2. During the session, the cable car project planned to be held in Malatya was discussed and it was decided by the Directorate of Preservation Regional Protection Board of Sivas on the subject that the cable car would pass the works under protection. At this point, the statement made yesterday, the Directorate of the Regional Directorate of Preservation of Cultural Assets in Sivas gave approval for the Cable Car Project.

An important decision was made at the meeting about the neighborhoods of Taştepe and Hanımın Çiftliği. Within the scope of the adopted decision; The area of ​​28 hectares, where Taştepe and Hanım's Farm neighborhoods intersect, was declared 'urban transformation area' for the construction of earthquake-resistant healthy buildings.

Among the agenda items, ”Bingöl province was accepted as a sister city of Karlıova and the proposal of the Department of Science Affairs about the construction of a two-storey cultural center with a closed area of ​​700 square was made by Karlıova Municipality.

On the first day of the Feast of Sacrifice, while the Metropolitan Municipality offered free transportation to public transport, some of the Assembly members expressed their views on the free day of public transport on the second day of the feast. However, these demands were ignored and it was decided that public transport would be free only on the first day of the Feast of Sacrifice.

In the meeting held yesterday; Esenlik Company's capital increase of 5 million pounds and the use of 40 million pounds of bank credit agenda items, maintenance and repair works of drinking water, sewage, wastewater, sewage, waste water treatment plants and drinking water storage maintenance, repair and construction works to be used for the use of credit to the Mayor Ahmet Çakır agenda items on the agenda and the Battalgazi district of Bahçebaşı neighborhood of the agenda for the establishment of a solar power plant was also discussed.

The October Meeting of the Metropolitan Assembly will be held on Wednesday, October at 12.

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