Silivriye metro line is coming

Silivriye metro line is coming: Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas,: after the 2019 for Silivri metro plans were revealed. Halkalı and the metro line passing through Bahçeşehir will come up here. ve Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Kadir Topbaş organized a series of visits to the town of Silivri.
During the visit, which started in the morning, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş first visited the AKP Silivri District Organization. Organized sohbetAfter these years, Mayor Topbaş and the accompanying delegation visited Silivri tradesmen and sohbet did. Later in the program, Mayor of Silivri Özcan Işıklar hosted Mayor Kadir Topbaş in the breakfast program. Mayor Topbaş met with representatives of non-governmental organizations working in the district and listened to their problems and requests. President Topbaş gave good news to the people of Silivri in his speech within the scope of the program.
“2016 billion investment budget to Istanbul in 16,3”
Speaking at the breakfast program, where he met with representatives of NGOs in Silivri, Mayor Topbaş said, “The investment budget of this year's Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is 16,3 billion, just this amount of investment. A budget of 99-98 percent realization, we do not give deficit, thank goodness we give surplus. We have such a budget and we are investing mainly in transportation. After I became president of Silivri, we invested 1 billion 625 million lira in total. Only 651 million of this has been invested in water and natural gas. The total investment budget we made on roads is 500 million lira. Whatever service is required, we will continue to do even more. ”
Metro line to Silivri
Saying “Metro Everywhere, Metro Everywhere is our motto”, President Topbaş said, “We set out with a slogan like this: We said 'Metro Everywhere, Metro Everywhere'. I hope he will get his share from this project in Silivri. According to our plans, it may be after 2019, we are revealing our plans. We said 776 kilometers, and added Silivri to a thousand kilometers. Hopefully our people will have access to a metro from every region. Halkalıand the line that will come from Bahçeşehir will go to Çatalca. In addition, we have a metro planning in this region Ayrıca.
“We will make Silivri perfect”
"The Bolluca creek was very tired for us in terms of cost," said President Topbaş. For the Bolluca creek, we wanted people to go with the boats, walk on the edge, go inside like a 10-kilometer beach band here, and now we complete them. We will beautify the Hızır Hılkın Bridge at the mouth of this place in the best way. We did the projecting in him. By making an arrangement in the place where the old İSKİ building is located, we are trying to reveal a more beautiful, more beautiful Silivri quality by making an arrangement on the beach to the west. In addition, the projects of a new safety building are being prepared, I hope we will do it with a nice project. ”
Roman We will make housing for Roma citizens living in Silivri “
Mayor Topbaş stated that they will work for Roma citizens living in Silivri. Atal Today we will deliver the houses we prepared for Roma citizens in Çatalca. Dear Governor Çatalca'da problems we live here also said the same. I hope we reached an agreement with our district governor, I hope we will do it. We will remove our Roma citizens from that container camp and bring them into a more accurate and civilized life. If the basic needs of people in the living area before the settlements were thought, if the studies were done accordingly, we would not have talked to them these days. İnsanlar

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