Second Application for Long-train Train Flights

Second Application for Long-train Train Flights
: Uzunköprü who leave work for the resumption of train time Mayor Enis İşbilen Republic of Turkey State Railways sent another letter.
3 started in October 20 in October, after 2015 years after the regulation work on the railway network on Thrace Çerkezköy-Kapıkule-Çerkezköy ve Çerkezköy-Uzunköprü-Çerkezköy Express train services were later stopped by TCDD on the grounds that 15 suffered losses due to lack of passengers on February 2016.
TCDD said about the stopped train services; In When the total incomes of the trains in question are compared with the total costs, the ratio of income to cover the expenses is 2. The operation of the flights in this way would not be efficient because it had to be canceled işletil. Thereupon, organized by the Uzunköprü Municipality, 'We want to return our train' under the name of the signature campaign was initiated and within this scope 7 thousand signatures were collected. The Mayor of Uzunköprü Enis İşbilen had delivered the signatures to the Governorship of Uzunköprü to be sent to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.
Trains leave work to start by re-Uzunköprü Mayor Enis İşbilen State Railways of the Republic of Turkey Istanbul - Uzunköprü to be passed back to life by the time the train had sent a further letter.
In the statement made by Uzunköprü Municipality about the article in question, the following information was given; "State Railways of the Republic of Turkey Istanbul - Uzunköprü to put into practice the trains Chairman Av. One more article was sent by Enis İŞBİLEN.
TCDD Haydarpasa 1. In the letter sent to the Regional Directorate Uzunköprü Headquarters and villages with a population of 80.000, Çorlu and Çerkezköy It is emphasized that the cities migrate like 50% of the population and there is an increase in the number of passengers on the İstanbul - Uzunköprü route.
In line with the needs and the demands of the people of our district; Uzunköprü has been requested from Istanbul to provide train services during the day.



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