Sazcılar Automotive is entitled to receive IRIS Certificate for International Railway Industry Standard for 2.

SAZCI Automotive xnumx.fabrika Da International Railway Industry Standard IRIS Certificate Import Haga Wins: SAZCI Automotive International Railway Industry Standard IRIS Certificate and International Sticking Certificate xnumx.fabrika Da Alma Haga winning Continues First Becoming Tradition in the industry ...
SAZCILAR AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY AND TRADE. Was established in Bursa in 1987. 4 m25.000 is manufacturing in 2 main production plant in total. 3 of the main production facilities is located in Bursa and 1 is located in Sakarya / Adapazarı region. In total, there are 700 employees in Production, Design and Analysis, R & D, Prototype Development and Product Quality Test Laboratories.
Fiberglass Parts Manufacturing (Hand Lay-Up, RTM, Cold Press, Infusion), pDCPD, Soft Touch / PVC coated Polyurethane Torpedo SMC & BMC Parts Manufacturing, ABS + PVC Foil Shaping and Coating Works, Softtouch Foil Shaping and Coating Works, Sheet Metal Parts in rail system investments in our country Manufacturing (parts used in its own production), Fiberglass Mold Manufacturing, Aluminum Mold Manufacturing, CNC Model Processing products solutions, continues to work in the sector as the most important project partner. Thanks to these solutions and internationally recognized documents on different issues, it is taking firm steps towards the goal of bringing more projects to our country. In this context, it has successfully carried out many important projects both in Turkey and abroad.
Sazcılar Otomotiv became the first Turkish company to receive the firm IRIS Ad certificate for the International Railway Industry Standard in 2009 (Adapazarı). Sazcılar Otomotiv, which has been working with leading companies in the sector for many years and continues to prove that it is a quality and reliable company in its sector, has been awarded the lad IRIS ı certificate to the Hasanağa factory, which is one of the 4 factories. Thus, 2 in the composite industry. was the first company to be granted the al IRIS un certificate. More importantly, this document, which has been received by R & D, design studies and project development investments on rail systems, has proved once again that its processes are in the international railways standard and further strengthened its position in these works.
SAZCI on-site in the "Sticking DIN 6701-2 International Certificate" in Turkey in the first and again in different factories as 2 not bring a single feature (Adapazari and Hasanağa) remains true.
20 23 2016 13 2016 XNUMX also in Germany's capital city. u InnoTrans XNUMX daki, which is the most important fair organization of the world in terms of railway technologies, systems and vehicles, has been exhibited as a company every two years.

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