People in Samsun Want an Overpass to Closed Station

In Samsun, the tram schedule has changed on the weekend
In Samsun, the tram schedule has changed on the weekend

People of Samsun want an overpass to the closed station: Citizens are waiting for an urgent solution for the rail stop temporarily closed by SAMULAŞ due to the problem of crossing in Samsun.

The rail stop in Samsun, where there was a shortage of overpasses, was closed. Shopping mall employees and citizens across the rail stop stated that closing the stop would not eliminate the problem, and said, “We are experiencing great difficulties while crossing the road. An overpass needs to be built urgently. " they said.

Samsun Fisherman's Shelter, the last stop of the newly constructed rail system, was temporarily closed by SAMULAŞ A.Ş. The opening of the station without an overpass to pass across the road caused the citizens to face a great danger.


Explaining their troubles, Lovelet Shopping Center employees and citizens said, “The stop has been closed, but we still have to cross the road. We have no life safety while crossing. An overpass had to be considered before making a stop here. Sometimes we cross with our children from here. It is a great danger for our children. It already happened in an accident here. His grandmother and grandson were injured. Does it have to be a fatal accident to do something? We want the authorities to make an overpass here, ”he said.

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