Samsun Rail system and service price tariff has been announced ... Rail system 4 TL

Railway system and service price tariff in Samsun has been announced… Rail system 4 TL: Important decisions were made regarding the rail system, ring lines and school buses at the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting in Samsun.
Coşkun Öncel, the General Secretary of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, who provided information about the UKOME meeting, will be supplying the 8 ring line (R20- R21- R22- R23- R24- R25- R27- RXNUMX- RXNUMX- RXNUMX- RXNUMX- RXNUMX- RXNUMX- RXNUMX- RXNUMX- RX) to the UKOME meeting. RXNUMX), the rings will make it easier for citizens to access the rail system, he said.

Prior to the existing rail system and consequently the number of rings increased due to the loss of work in the urban public transport activity if requested by the artisans, existing and additional rings are provided to maintain the standards applied, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality are ready to work together in this regard He explained.
At the UKOME meeting, due to the lengthening of the line, price adjustments were made according to the additional stations provided that the current line charges (21 stations) remain the same.
According to the decision taken 1-10 stall full fee 1.88 TL, student 1.65 TL, corporate subscriber 1.70, 1-21 stall full fee 2.20 TL, student 1.65 TL, corporate subscriber 2 TL, 1-28 stall full fee 3.10 TL, student 2.34 TL , corporate subscriber 3 TL, full line (1-36 stall) full fare 4 TL, student 3 TL, corporate subscriber 3.70 TL. Two boarding cards are 8 TL. The new app 15 will start from September.
At the UKOME meeting, the school service transportation 2016-2017 tariff was discussed and decided. Service vehicle tariff is as follows:

City 140 TL, Atakum 135 TL, Atakum-city center 155 TL, 19 May Lodging, Pelitköy Lodging, Atakent-TOKİ city 175 TL, Taflan-Çatalçam-Altınkum-city 190 TL, Kutlukent-city 150 TL, Tekkeköy-city 160 TL, Tekkeköy-Atakum 185 TL, Tekkeköy-Atakent 205 TL, Çınarlık-Barracks-Hamzalı-Large-city-220 TL, Tekkeköy-Size 135 TL, Tekkeköy-19 May225 TL, Samsun-19 May 225 TL, Samsun-Wednesday 255 TL, Samsun-Bafra 285 TL, Samsun-Poplar 285 TL, Samsun-Terme 295 TL, Samsun-Basin 365 TL, Samsun-Asarcık 350 TL, Samsun-Ladik 360 TL, Samsun-Başalan-Gebi and surrounding spaces 260 TL.

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