It's too expensive to ride a tram in Samson

It's very expensive to ride a tram in Samson: Family traveling by tram is very expensive. 4 16 TL 2,12 £ XNUMX is an expedition of the family can only take back the refund of XNUMX lira. Be sure to remember your Samkart at home or at work.
Traveling by tram in Samsun 4 is the price of fire for the family. 4 family, who owns a single Samkart, pays 4 on 16 TL at the first stop they take and 10 only gets 1 lira for a 2,12 person. The system is not possible to refund the family for other 3 individuals. There is a one-time refund for each Samkart. If the 3 other 1 people from the family use the tram, 12 will have to pay the TL.
Samkart was 'German Method'
If a family of 4 doesn't want to travel to 16 TL in the tram, everyone will have Samkarti in their pocket and everyone will make a difference. The tram, so that our people 'German Procedure' began to teach guests to entertain. You will now think twice to have your Samkart with your friend or guest. Especially if you forgot your Samkart at home or at work. In order to ride the train you will either receive a multi-pass card with an 8 TL or you will ask the citizens on the stop.
2 lirayken citizen instead of non-Samkarti
While the transportation to Samkart was at 2 TL, people were helping each other, making their own Samkar. Even 2 didn't even take TL. Now, is there any one with the Samcard? Nobody is looking at the face of the citizens who forget the card or Samkartını does not extend. The citizen of the Samkartının use, 'cash in advance' is taking. If 2 is stopped at the stop of the victim, 4 has to give TL to the citizen. Because the 'Refunds' system does not reimburse the citizens of Samkart for a second time. On the other hand, due to this application to the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and SAMULAŞ on social media, the reactions are growing every day.

Günceleme: 12/12/2018 17:33

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