Journey to Death to Samsunda Fisherman Shelter Tram Station

Samsun Tram
Samsun Tram

The Journey to the Death of the Fishing Shelter Tram Station in Samsun: Citizens who are happy to extend the rail system line to the Fishing Stop in Samsun are rebelling this time, 'leaving nose to nose'.

Citizens who want to get off at the Fishermen's Shelter, which is the last stop of the new rail system line, especially to the shopping center right across it, are inviting death to this end. Citizens are walking on the rails because there is no overpass and they are trying to cross the wire fence.


The fact that the authorities still do not take action regarding the construction of the 'passage', which was on the agenda after the accident that took place in front of the Lovelet AVM last Saturday and where their grandmother and grandson were under the car, caused a great reaction. While it is noteworthy that the Regional Directorate of Highways has not taken any steps to build an underpass or overpass in the region, the Metropolitan Municipality expresses the opinion that the shopping center authorities should solve this problem.

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