Railway network and port demand for army nuts

The demand for the railway network and port for Ordu hazelnut: The Chairman of the Board of Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sahin said that the hazelnut produced in the city is worth US $ 1 billion.
Army of Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Servet Sahin, Turkey said about $ 3 billion a year that foreign entry should come with the state providing the nuts. Sahin, stating that a third of Turkey's total hazelnut production conducted in the Army, reported that remain indifferent to this production because of lack of transport networks. Expressing that the airport, which was completed last year, has brought great vitality to the city, Şahin stated that especially the seaway and railway networks should be strengthened. Stating that a quarter of the hazelnuts produced in the world are also grown in Ordu, Şahin said, “Today, there is a big transportation problem in our city. Existing ports in our city are not suitable for container transportation. Our rail network is missing. For this reason, the hazelnuts worth $ 1 billion that are grown in our province every year are registered in their households as they are exported through other provinces. This causes the investor to move to other provinces. As an example of this, we can show Italian Ferrero, one of the biggest chocolate producers in the world, establishing a factory in Manisa ”. Şahin added that Sanovel, which bought the Sagra brand, which has been producing in the region in recent years, is also suffering from the same deficiencies.
75 percent of the nuts produced in the world is grown in Turkey, while 75 percent of the nuts produced in Turkey two major brands sold that transfer Servet Sahin, "licensed hazelnut warehouse and exchanges have multiplied, as long as the Soil Products Office and Credit Cooperatives nuts in the base price fixing or unless we strengthen our unity in the state-controlled manufacturer, 8 million farmers in Turkey will be at the mercy of these two receivers. And our country will continue to lose foreign currency. The state should protect this product, which brings 3 billion dollars in foreign currency, ”he said." Licensed warehouses should increase 3 times more hazelnuts than Giresun, "emphasizing that licensed warehousing is still not operational in Ordu. Since the altitude is low in most of our districts, the efficiency is high. Licensed warehouse and stock exchange project was implemented this year in Giresun. While we needed such a warehouse before Giresun, unfortunately we could not implement such a project in Ordu. "The licensed warehouse is essential for classifying the quality of the product and for the exchange to reach more than one buyer in the international market and determine the correct price." A large budget should be allocated to R&D. Servet Şahin stated that there is not enough budget allocated for R&D in hazelnut production facilities and said, “For the production of high value-added products, higher budget shares should be transferred to R&D. However, if we can bring the hazelnuts we produce together with the buyers in the foreign market in integrated facilities with the ideas we develop, we can sell the processed hazelnut, whose weight varies between 18 and 16 liras, for 12 lira. This means a great added value for our country ”.
In order to increase hazelnut exports, we launched 3 million euro project
Servet Şahin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that they implemented a project aiming to increase the hazelnut exports as a chamber and said, “The project under the support of the Ministry of Economy and URGE will cost 3 million Euros. 3 year-long project with buyers abroad will be brought together hazelnut producers in Turkey. Our hazelnut producers will make their first trip abroad in October and introduce their products. Later, buyers in many countries abroad will come to Ordu and see the production locations of the producers. "We aim to increase our hazelnut exports with the project that will ensure the right exchange of ideas through bilateral meetings.

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