Palandöken EJDER 3200 on top of Twitter

Palandöken EJDER 3200 is also on Twitter: The new brand of Erzurum, Ejder 3200, which is famous for its winter, became the TT on Twitter! The Palandöken Ski Center will be reborn with the Dragon 3200 brand!

Erzurum recognized as a center of winter sports in Turkey, DRAGONS 3200 is preparing a new ski resort in Erzurum to live with the new brand concept.

Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen, in his press release the management of Palandoken and Konakli Ski Centers were transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality previously announced. In this context, EJDER 3200 brand also appeared.
Palandoken Reenacts with EJDER 3200

3200 who DRAGONS brand on Twitter with the hashtag #EJDER3200 Turkey's agenda, Turkey is being praised by citizens in many parts, including Erzurum first. Palandöken Ski Center, which will be transformed into a more developed ski resort with the facilities of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, will come to life again under the brand of EJDER 3200.

Mehmet Sekmen, who added that in the press release that the administration of these centers was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum, and that the people and the press members had a great impact, mentioned the shortcomings, problems of Palandöken Ski Center and the works that they planned to do in this region.

The new brand EJDER 3200, announced on the official Twitter account of the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, will make Erzurum the center of winter sports, according to the targets.
Palandöken Car Park and the city will connect with the cable car is coming

President Mehmet Sekmen, in the continuation of their statements to Palandöken Ski Center, one of which is open to one of the two parking plans planned to build a ropeway between this center and the city said.

We would like to thank Mr. Mehmet Sekmen and Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality for their contribution to Erzurum as a technology site based in Erzurum, and we hope that this project will be a project that will lead the development of the city and then the tourism of the country, in line with the targets of EJDER 3200 brand.

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