Metrobus told how he survived the accident

Metrobüs told how he survived the accident: Metrobüs breaks from the car miraculously a slightly survived survivor of the doctor Ibrahim Mithat Us, anlat At the last moment I leaned into gear. My stay there came like half an hour a year Orada
İbrahim Mithat Us, who was injured with a chance when he was hit by an umbrella when he was beaten with an umbrella in Istanbul Acıbadem, he got out of his car, and said that he got rid of it in a second. Expressing that he was leaning towards the gear at the last moment, Us said, “The roof of the vehicle was crushed. Half an hour of my stay there seemed like a year to me. I really got rid of it miraculously, I'm thankful. ”
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In the incident that took place in Acıbadem on Friday, the vehicle got out of control when accountant Murat Akbulut battered his Metrobus driver Recai Türkoğlu with an umbrella on the grounds that he did not stop at the station. Crossing the opposite direction, the bus took 3 vehicles and was able to stop by hitting a passenger bus. One of the vehicles under the Metrobus belonged to the 52-year-old workplace doctor İbrahim Mithat Us. Doctor Us, who tried to go to his workplace in Maslak at the time of the accident, said that 11 people were injured in an accident. Expressing that he is in a hurry to work, Us said, “KadıköyI was trying to go to my workplace in Maslak. I went to the left lane in Acıbadem. At that time, I saw that the metrobus came over me by mowing the barriers. It crashed into two cars, then into my car. In seconds, I threw myself in the section where the gear was located. I had one hand on the steering wheel and he was a little hurt, damaged. Metrobus took the roof of my car. The cap on the driver's seat broke. I wouldn't have survived if I stood upright. ”
Stating that he had been spilled after the accident, İbrahim Mithat Us said, “I stayed in the vehicle for about half an hour. When the smell of smoke started to come, I was most afraid of the fire. I could move where I stayed. I turned the ignition off. I even called my wife on the phone and told the accident. I was hearing the sounds of 'Avoid Burning' coming from the Metrobus. The fire brigade came. I was thinking that when they lift the car it falls back on me, I was very scared. Thank you very much to the fire brigade team. It took more than half an hour to lift the metrobus from my hill. That period was like a year for me. I am thankful that I live, ”he said.



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