Mega projects flew housing and land prices in Istanbul

Mega projects flew housing and land prices in Istanbul: With the effect of urban transformation, the total value of the real estate in Istanbul reached 1.5 trillion liras.
In the 2013 Channel planned for the development of Turkey Istanbul, Istanbul 3. The mega projects, which have been completed or continued, such as the Airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel and Marmaray, add value to Istanbul's value. In addition to the mega projects, with the contribution of the urban transformation, the value of the total real estate in Istanbul was doubled in the last 3 year and reached to 1.5 trillion liras.
Remax Turkey Operations Director Gökhan Karahan, property prices in Istanbul, excluding mansion in the Strait of total value xnumx't about when 2013 billion pounds, mega projects of now where and in 665.6 the impact of urban transformation, he said 2016 trillion 1 billion rise.
According to the information given by Gökhan Karahan 3 473 billion 600 million pounds per year was the difference. 2013 3 million 100 thousand housing in Istanbul, while the urban transformation of the 200 thousand more housing was added. But on the actual rise in price, the newly added 300 bin was not the impact of mega-projects, but the mega-projects. When the land was added to the value increase account, the value of Istanbul was found to be 1.5 trillion liras, namely 505 billion dollars.
Expressing that the real estate prices in Istanbul increased by 2013 percent in 2016-71 with the effect of mega projects, Gökhan Karahan said, “Apart from the realization of mega projects, the increase in transportation opportunities and urban transformation brought an increase in prices. Three-year real estate growth rate in Silivri was 91 percent. The main reason for this is that Kanal Istanbul will be built in this region. KadıköyThe increase in Turkey is 92 percent. The reason for this is urban transformation ”.
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Meanwhile, the real estate price increase in Ataşehir was 102 percent in three years. The most important reason for this was shown as the concentration of branded residences in this district. to its owner kazandıran branded housing projects have made a premium of 102 percent in the last three years in Istanbul.
According to Remax's research for Star, the housing prices in Sultangazi, which is located on the route of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, increased by 3 annually, while real estate prices in Başakşehir near the bridge increased by 73. The price of the bridge in Büyükçekmece, where the connection path is increased, has increased by 88. Another Mega Project, Maltepe Square, also fled the property prices in the district. The annual increase in 85 in Maltepe has reached 3. The Yenikapı Square project had the same effect in Fatih. 96 annual real estate value increase in Fatih 3 broke the record.
Land Prices UÇTU
The prices of the land in the areas where the mega projects were made also exceeded the increase in real estate. 3. The land prices of Eyüp, Çatalca, Arnavutköy, Sarıyer and Beykoz, where Yavuz Sultan Selim's route crossed, increased by more than a thousand times in 3-4. 2009 500 TL 2013 10 50 60 a year in the region 400 thousand TL, and today XNUMX-XNUMX thousand TL has risen. Land experts, mega projects in the areas of land in the value of the XNUMX billion TL reached the prices by saying that the prices competed with land in Levent

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