Public Transport Free Along Manisa

Public Transportation Free in Manisa During the Festival Free: Manisa Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of public transportation service in the scope of public transport red buses offered by the public, 4 during the day of Eid during the 14 district will provide free service said.
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the public transportation service in the scope of public transportation of the red buses offered by public transport, 4 will provide free service in 14 district during the Eid-Al-Adha day. In addition, every week on Friday between the Kırdık Fire Brigade and Kirtık Cemetery between the regular ring voyages and the first day of the feast was reported to be done.
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality's public transportation service in the city of 17 red buses, 4 daily during the Eid al-Adha will provide free services to citizens. Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, said: Konu Within the scope of our transformation project in public transportation, we started to provide public transportation services as a Metropolitan Municipality within the structure of Manulaş by the red bus 71. These tools will provide free service to our people in 4 county during 14 daily Sacrifice Day. Bu
Which districts will free transport take place?
In the statement made by the Directorate of Transportation of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the districts that will be provided free public transportation services are as follows: Ahmetli, Akhisar, Alaşehir, Demirci, Gölmarmara, Gördes, Kırkağaç, Kula Köprübaşı, Salihli, Selendi, Sarıgöl, Soma and Turgutlu. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa every week on Fridays in the district of Şehzadeler Kırtık Cemetery started the celebration of the ring day and the festival will be held on the 1 day. It was reported that the Seferin Kırtık Fire Department and the Kırtık Cemetery were made every hour.

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