Mahmutbey tolls in the free passage system

Mahmutbey toll free transition system is transitioned: Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan Istanbul traffic has become a major problem Mahmutbey tolls in the free passage system will be brought, he said.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan spoke about the Mahmutbey toll booths that became nightmares of Istanbul drivers.
Arslan said:
While Mahmutbey was a place outside of Istanbul, it became an intersection. There's a bottle-head location on the highway. Traffic is coming and gathering.
We call the free pass in Seferihisar, Izmir, the vehicles are followed directly, the vehicles do not hesitate
We have established. We started the process for Mahmutbey toll booths. In the 2 month, we will turn Mahmutbey tolls into a free pass.
We have a full 2 monthly. We are waiting for the 30 traffic to relax in the free pass. Since there is no OGS - HGS distinction, drivers will not do zigzags. This percentage will allow 30 relief. At the end of October, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge Etiler participation, we put the 30 in October.
Requests for the Mahmutbey tolls to be completely free, but the distance is too long. You're building a highway, you're putting money there. In order to make new investments, a paid pass is required.
HGS and OGS users can use the same system in Free Pass System. With the Free Pass System, there is no need to move to HGS and OGS strips.
Two systems will unite in a single box office. After the new system is used, HGS and OGS toll booths will be demolished. The system is currently being used in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in Istanbul.
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge passes around 110 thousand vehicles a day. On the Osmangazi Bridge, the average daily 20 goes through a thousand vehicles.
We were expecting 15 bin from Osmangazi and 50 thousand from Yavuz Sultan Selim while we were doing etude study. The figures we talked about are the initial figures. This number will increase with the completion of the connection paths.
1915 We are going to tender for Çanakkale Bridge. We're going to get offers in mid-January. When it is finished, we will form a complete ring around the Sea of ​​Marmara. The latest 5 will be over in the year. Build - operate - transfer system
will end early. Due to the foot opening which may be larger than the Çanakkale Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi bridges.
The Eurasia Tunnel is an 5,5 km tunnel at the European side of Yenikapı, which descends from the bottom of the place to the old fish, from the place where Selimiye Barracks is located and from the place of Haydarpasa Hospital.
If you consider the historical fabric in the Historic Peninsula, there is traffic damage. The vehicles will go underground without generating traffic and generating excess emissions. The tunneling process will be reduced to 15 minutes. I hope the 20 will open in December.
We foresee the transition between the daily 120 - 130 bin. The vehicle warranty we provided was equivalent to a daily 70 car. Only small-scale vehicles will pass. There is no pedestrian crossing. 2 is a folded tunnel, 2 strip going, 2 strip arrival.
Haydarpasa Train Station will continue to serve as a high-speed train station. It's not just the garage of Haydarpasa and there are lots of public places in there. There is a project to gain the rate. Cruise port, yacht harbor hotel projects. However, this is not a project for Haydarpasa Train Station with the airport between Haydarpasa harbor.


A metro line with a length of 34 km will be constructed from Gayrettepe to the third airport.
I can tell you that there won't be one thing: there won't be any housing. However, our meeting with the President and the Prime Minister is definitely an assessment of this place to add value to Istanbul.

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