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The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Should Be Activated by Rail Systems: The Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers made a written statement regarding the Metrobus accident in Istanbul in the morning. In the statement, it was stated that the rail systems should come to the fore and the following were mentioned;
“This morning, in the accident caused by the off-road metrobus in Acıbadem, 11 people, including our friend, Public Occupational Control Technical Officer Ömer Koçağ, were injured. First of all, we wish urgent healing to our injured citizens.
This accident has shown that; Although we have warned many times before, the authorities do not take any precautions to make the metrobus line made to “relieve traffic” threaten the life safety of Istanbulites. The Metropolitan Municipality and the AKP government, which have not listened to the warnings and explanations of the occupational chambers for years, are the main responsible of all this.
In the press release published by our Chamber in 2008, we stated the following on this subject; “Despite the infrastructure and vehicle investments made here, parallel bus, minibus and minibus lines will continue their functions as before. As part of the E-5 Highway is allocated to the metrobus, motor vehicle congestion on the E5 highway will be greatly increased / increased. As the system is loaded, the nave load of the vehicles will increase excessively, due to the static and braking loads on the wheels and the axial loads on the wheels, excessive wheel bearing loads will occur, which will exceed that of normal buses. The main components of the vehicle such as steering gear, engine, transmission, differential will be faced with the risk of being discharged at any time due to the excessive increase in the nave load of the bus. ” The last accident has once again shown that our warnings remain unfortunately valid.
Unfortunately, our people are transported to the metrobust in a state of fish, unfortunately, we are living every day. Such events will continue to occur as long as the BRT vehicles have small revisions and vehicles translated from bellows.
Inefficient as Metrobüs and an inefficient transportation system throughout Istanbul should be abandoned immediately. Normally, long-term rail-based normal and rapid (serial) systems should be put into use and these systems should be coordinated with buses, minibuses, minibuses and sea transport.
The number of people who use public transportation and vehicles that reach the traffic increases with the increase of the population every day. This situation made the planning of Istanbul urban transportation primarily based on the people's life and property security. Evaluation of the views of professional chambers, universities and civil society in the process of creating these plans is extremely important in terms of maintaining urban transportation projects on a scientific basis.
As MMO Istanbul Branch, which has been in public interest and has been struggling for free and secure transportation for years; We warn the authorities once more to put an end to the marketer understanding, and invite them to listen to the chambers of profession who have sufficient knowledge for the solution of urban transportation problems. ”

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